When you first come to Ohio University, it is a huge adjustment, to say the least. Whether it is getting to know the campus, know where your classes are, or the different spots to eat on and off Court Street. With me being from Illinois, I’m not used to the different types of spots to eat that Athens has to offer, but have adjusted accordingly in my now almost three semesters at the school.

With getting Jimmy Johns, D.P. Dough, and Big Mammas Burritos on numerous occasions, yes they are all great spots to grab a bite, but I feel one place is missing that I think everyone would agree they want on campus. That place Chick-fil-A.

Since college football having Chick-fil-A as one of their main sponsors and even has a bowl game named after them, it’s no surprise that college students go crazy for the famous chicken only restaurant. In my experience with being able to have it while down here, students can and will be one of those first 1,000 fans that show up to a sporting event just to get it. Needless to say, if Chick-fil-A is offered and involved, students will come out and clean you out.

Being this is the case and students get a kick out of the place, the question stems, why not have one move down here to Athens and possibly be on Court Street? Since moving back for the semester, we as Bobcats have been introduced to a new pizza spot called Lotsa. With being able to get a personalized pizza in under three minutes and have a pop machine that has hundreds of different flavors, it has definitely been one of my go-to spots to eat in Athens.

Since I go past it every day and almost every night, I can see how successful it has been just by looking in the windows and seeing how many people are in there. For the most part, it is always packed and people are always dining in to eat their custom-made pizza. I guess what I am trying to say is if a place like Lotsa can be successful, who says a Chick-fil-A cannot?

Even though the prices can be a little high, Chick-fil-A in Athens would be successful no doubt. Students will go out of their way to get a chicken sandwich, tenders, or fries. The demand for it that I have seen down here is too high and after seeing how well Lotsa has been doing since it first opened up, there is no doubt that Chick-fil-A can be the same, if not busier.

It may be a long shot, but having a chicken only restaurant on Court Street will turn some heads. Between this and Raising Canes, students tend to like and go towards the chicken more so than a burger joint and burrito spot.

All I’m saying is, a Chick-fil-A would flourish down here in Athens and wouldn’t be a bad investment.