The Sun Devils had a season-defining moment, and one of the biggest highlights for this season of NCAA football, after beating the #6 Oregon Ducks in Tempe this last Saturday. In a game where the Sun Devils were ruled out of any game-day predictions, only had about a 13% chance of winning the game, and where analysts said that Jayden Daniels had to have a near-perfect game, ASU pulled out an exciting win at home.

The Sun Devil defense came to play that keeping the usual stellar Oregon offense to only 7 points by the half, and having two interceptions in the fourth quarter resulting in two scoring drives to keep the Sun Devils ahead to secure the victory.

Jayden Daniels had a near-perfect game as well, throwing some beautiful deep passes to Brandon Aiyuk and Frank Dardy for some highlight-reel worthy touchdowns that night. It was clear to me that in some cases ASU's offensive line was improving. Taking on a top defensive line like Oregon is not a small task, but they were able to get some lanes open for running back, Eno Benjamin, to break through and get some good runs in the second half.

It's never an ASU football game without some nail-biting though. We saw Oregon put up 21 points just in the fourth quarter alone trying to stage a comeback and finally playing like the Oregon Ducks that we've seen all season, but that would prove to not be enough as those two interceptions seemed to be the difference that night.

Some good football was played that night and by some good teams, this time the underdog taking over. As fans, we all should be glad the Sun Devils showed up for a remarkable victory that they should be really proud of, and after that win, they should be bowl eligible so we can continue our support through the winter season.

If the Sun Devils continue to play like this, then there's no telling where we might see them at in the next few seasons to come.