I started wearing makeup regularly in 9th grade. It wasn't a lot, just some eyeliner and mascara. I wasn't a stranger to the newly blossoming world of makeup, as any performer can tell you it is key to not looking like a ghost on stage.

After I turned fourteen, my mom took me to the local salon, where the makeup artist gave me a lesson on how to beat my face to the gods. The lesson was simply a way to prepare me for any special events that may come up.

In 10th grade, I started using foundation, and I can tell you right now that I did not wear my shade, nor did I blend into my neck. In 11th grade, I started wearing some eyeshadow. Thankfully, I never went very bold, just some neutral tones blended horribly. It wasn't until days before my High School graduation that my interest in makeup really started.

The very first makeup tutorial I ever saw was Jeffree Star doing a full face with children's makeup. I thought it was funny and cute, and his personality made me click on another one of his videos. After Jeffree, I started watching other beauty gurus and became entranced by this magical new world in front of me.

As my graduation gift, my mom took me to Ulta Beauty, where I picked out my first ever eyeshadow pallet, contour kit, and brush set. I was thrilled. That summer I spent my time learning how to blend, define, and exaggerate. My expectations for makeup went up, and I began to use products of higher quality.

When you see me in a room full of people, you'll definitely notice that I wear more makeup than most, and I'm often asked why.

No, it's not because I hate my face. No, it's not because I have low self-esteem. And no, it's not because I'm trying to impress some guy.

I wear makeup because I love it and it makes me happy. I love being able to dress my eyes in fun colors and highlight my cheekbones so they glow in the sun. I feel bad for those who look down on me for feeling this way, and I wish they could experience the joy I have when I sit down in front of my mirror in the morning. I'm tired of the misconception that those who wear makeup aren't confident.

In fact, I'd say those that wear makeup are the most confident because they love their face so much that they draw attention to it. They want others to look at their bold lips and sharp cat-eyes.

So the next time you see someone with a "caked" face, take a moment to appreciate the time and effort that went into the look, instead of making false assumptions.