1. "I can't just pick one favorite breed! I currently have a black lab/Great Dane mix and he's incredible. He is super smart, has a personality like no other, is super loyal, and loves water!" (Fun fact: They love water!) -Kady

2. "Dogs freak me out, but I LOVE golden retrievers and cocker spaniels. Just because I've never met a mean one and they are always snuggly." -Amelia

3. "I LOVE PUGS. Pugs are so wrinkly and cute, their poor smushed faces give them breathing issues, but it's too cute. Don't even get me started on the fat pugs of the world." -Kelly

4. "All of them. They are all good dogs." -Steven

5. "Rottweilers. Most people think they are attack dogs, but in reality, they are giant fluff balls." -Tj

6. "Huskies, because they're beautiful and they don't bark they scream." -Melissa

7. "Great Dane, because they are huge, they sometimes sound aggressive, but they wouldn't hurt a fly." -Austin

8. "Golden retrievers, because Taffy was a golden retriever and I love Taffy." (Taffy is his old dog) -Spencer