1. "She really tries to look out for me, like she has this crazy intuition about people I meet (as friends and some boyfriends) and she can tell ahead of time if they are true friends or not." -Jayla

2. "I honestly don't have enough space to explain why my mom is the best mom. She's an incredible woman who has always loved, supported, encouraged, and comforted me among MANY other words I could use to describe her. We have had rough patches, who doesn't, but God knew what He was doing when He made me her daughter." -Kady

3. "Look my mom is the best because she's MY mom. But for real she stayed home with all six kids while my dad was in school, getting his doctorate, and preaching. Then she made sure she was at EVERY single thing we did. She took all of us out of the country for the first time and she was seriously always just there and didn't mind it at all." -Amelia

4. "Well, she's very very caring when something is wrong with me. Like physically, sometimes mentally. She takes care of me." -Melissa

5. "Well. My mom is the best mom because there's no greater connection in the world than a mother and her son. I've always been a momma's boy, no doubt about that. I'm able to connect with my mom and we are able to talk about things freely. She helps me make choices in my life decisions. My mother and I have the same medical condition so we are able to understand what each other are going through and how it feels. We both had our surgeries around the same time so we were both stuck at the house with each other. We have the same viewpoints and feelings about topics. She's helped me grow as a person and as a man. She's my mother, she always will be. A mother's love is like no other." -Spencer (This response left me in tears.)

Bonus: My mom is my rock. She is my superhero and honestly an angel. She is so strong and has been through so much but has never failed as a mom. I'm so thankful for her and I am so so blessed to be her daughter. Thank you, mama, for everything. -Author(that's me)