Since I just got back to college, I have been getting random urges to shop for pointless things I do not need. That being said, I decided to sit down and start a list of questions to ask myself before spending lots of money. Hopefully these tips can help you decide whether or not to buy that purse you don't need!

1. Do I really need this TODAY, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW?

Whenever I see something such as a shirt, leggings, or even a yummy snack, I always ask myself if I need it right then and there. Most likely, the answer is no. Therefore, I get a last look at the item and continue with shopping for the necessities I originally came for!

2. Will it be useful?

Before making a large purchase, I always like to make sure that it will benefit me in the long run. Knowing that you're about to drop a lot of money on something for a useful reason is a great feeling. A couple of months ago, I invested in a heating blanket for my room and I am glad I did it because I use it every night in this cold dorm room of mine. I guess you could say that over time, I have warmed up to this bank account-breaking purchase for the better! Make sure your purchase is a good one before going all out on something rather silly.

3. Is it worth it?

Look at the item you are about to splurge on and ask yourself, "Is it really worth it?" If it is an item I really want to buy, then this thought would be out of the list, but in a case where I am debating on buying shampoo that I already have, this question is completely worth asking! I have a hard time with buying too much of one item and I ask myself this question fairly regularly because most of the time, it is not worth having three full bottles of shampoo at one time.

4. Can I get it for a cheaper price somewhere else?

View your options! If you are not very fond of that price tag, then map out your selections and try to seek out another place that has your item for a better price. Back in August, I was on the hunt for a pencil holder. First I went Target and saw the cutest case for $8.99. Then I checked out Walmart and saw a similar one for $4.99. Finding the cheapest way to go is never a bad thing, especially for us college kids!

5. Do I really like it?

The most important question to ask yourself before splurging is if you REALLY like it, especially if you're spending a lot on the item! It is never fun to purchase something expensive or something you're unable to return after you've lost interest in it.

I am trying to learn how to efficiently spend my money and save up as soon as possible for the future. These five questions have really helped me throughout my college experience and I hope they can guide you in a more proficient direction while shopping as well!