Hey, you.

I know school is about to start in exactly one week. I know that you are excited but nervous at the same time. This is year two of three at River Falls. There's a lot to be anxious about but don't forget there is a lot to look forward too.

A lot of things are going to become clearer this year. You're going to more than likely figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. You're going to discover new parts of yourself. Your circle is going to change because you're going to evolve. Everything that is meant to be in your life will remain and the things that are not will slowly slip away. Be ok with this.

Work hard in school. Push your limits and achieve your goals. Life is hard sometimes, don't forget what you're working so hard for. Don't forget who you are either.

Take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Workout often, it's good for your mind and your body. Remember a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Make yourself a priority. Treat yourself right.

I know that you are going to accomplish great things this year. You're going to surprise some people and make others believe in you just a little bit more. You have your whole world ahead of you. Embrace it all and don't take a damn thing for granted. This is likely year two of five in your academic career. You have a long way to go, pace yourself. Don't settle for what you don't love. Find what you love and make it a career. This world is yours, go change it.

Best of luck this year even though I know you don't need it.