As an Arts Management major, I have been able to see and experience many different art shows and events within the city. I think it is so interesting how many opportunities we have just in the downtown area to be involved in these events. There are theatres, art exhibits and concerts happening all around us. I think it is important to take advantage of the moments we have and to open ourselves up to these various art forms.

Last week, my arts management class went to the Halsey Institute on the College of Charleston’s campus. We were able to hear from the workers and hear them explain how they have been impacted and changed by art. Being a part of that moment allowed me to realize how close these inspirations are to us. The people who work there are fully dedicated to being inspired by art, and making sure others are inspired as well. I walk through the Halsey multiple times a week without taking a minute to stop and just look. To read and open myself up to the work people have poured themselves into.

We also had the opportunity to go to Pure Theatre in downtown Charleston. Once again, we heard the workers explain how they put on each show and what theater means to each of them. The theatre is small, and there are only three full time employees. Even though there are so many theatres and art forms to be a part of in the city, the heart and drive behind these workers stood out to me. They made it very clear that their main purpose is to display a show that has a deep, dense story line that leaves the audience thinking and talking once they leave. It is so eye opening to see this happening so close to where I live and go to school. It has made me realize that there are so many opportunities to be inspired and that I should make a point to go out and find those opportunities.