7 Things You Only Know If You Are From Arizona

7 Things You Only Know If You Are From Arizona

Just think about the three H's: heat, hiking, and haboobs.

Josh Sorenson

Arizona is a really cool place to live! But for Arizonans, there are certain things others do not know about living in The Grand Canyon State.

1. Going up north=escape from death.

If you are from Arizona, "going up North" obviously means going to Flagstaff. And why go to Flagstaff? Obviously to escape the crazy heat of the summer months. Almost everyone has some sort of place to escape to, whether your family owns a cabin or an apartment, or if you have a favorite hotel to frequent when Phoenix temperatures reach 110+ degrees. But remember, it's a dry heat.

2. Time never changes.

If you are a native Arizonan, it is likely that you have never experienced time change. Arizona does not change their time so it is really easy to always know what time it is, regardless of the season. However, this makes it really difficult if you are on vacation or away out of state for college when suddenly the time springs forward or falls back overnight. What is this time travel??

3. Weekend trips to Cali.

Trips to Cali are a frequent excursion. And, yes, it is always referred to as Cali, not California. Maybe your school does a turnaround trip to Disneyland, or your family just wants to take a weekend in San Diego, Cali is a second home and favorite vacation spot.

4. Authentic Mexican food.

Pick your favorite Mexican food restaurant. In Arizona there is so many to choose from! And let's talk REAL authentic Mexican food, not your average Taco Bell. Whenever you travel out of state, this is one of the things you miss the most because other states simply do not have Mexican food like you are used to.

5. Outdoor adventures.

Arizona is the best place to be if you are outdoorsy. Where else is there plenty of hiking and natural climbing courses right in your backyard? The Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is just a short drive away, in addition to Sedona and Antelope Canyon. People from around the world travel here to vacation and it is something that you can experience all the time!

6. Winter Snowbirds.

November hits and suddenly the amount of retirees quadruples. Did the whole state of Arizona turn into Sun City? Nope, the snowbirds are back. Despite the horrendous summer heat, the winters in Arizona are beautiful. Unfortunately, this is a well-known fact, attracting thousands of visitors from freezing locals who all wish to enjoy the Arizona "winter."

7. Haboobs.

Only the single best thing ever. Can you even say the name without giggling? If you show your friends or family from out of state a picture of a haboob on the news they will probably think it's the apocalypse, but you know that haboobs are nothing to be scared of. You even are slightly fascinated if you get the chance to drive through one, that is until your visibility becomes close to zero.

8. The Rivalry.

ASU versus U of A. Tempe versus Tucson. It's intense, it breaks up families, it changes the course of the school year. You aren't from Arizona if you haven't experienced or have some sort of stake in this intense challenge for the territorial cup.

While you may often think that Arizona is not a very exciting state, it is also a place that holds a special place in your heart. It is very unlike other places you have been and only those who have lived there truly understand what makes it special.

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