11 Things You Can Do Rather Than Worry About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Relationship

11 Things You Can Do Rather Than Worry About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Relationship

Their relationship (and anyone else's, for that matter) is not your business!


For about a month or so, the media has been swarming around Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, speculating on the details of their relationship. There have been tooo many tweets and comments about how ridiculous people think it is that they're already engaged and that they've already got matching tattoos and other tattoos for each other. News flash: it's none of your business what's happening in anyone else's relationship.

If they're happy, they're happy. Even if they're not, there are VERY few people that even have a right to say something at that point. Today, there are about a million other things for y'all to do rather than scrutinizing someone else's happiness. Here's a few:

1. Get off Twitter

Seriously, guys, it's summer and some of you have nothing better to do than top sit on Twitter and comment on things that have absolutely nothing to do with you in any way, shape, or form. I'm guilty of this myself honestly, but seriously. The best memories usually come when you get off your phone and venture off into the world.

2. Go for a bike ride

Grab a friend and take a ride around your city. Maybe stop somewhere and take a quick photo shoot or get some ice cream along the way. It's a great way to get in shape, hang out with a friend or two, and kill some time minding your own business.

​3. Look into colleges, internships, scholarships, or jobs

I am a firm believer that the more you look into something and figure out what you really want to do, the happier you'll be in the long-term. Nearly anyone is capable of getting a boring and tedious job that'll pay the bills, but if you really explore your interests and delve into the things that you love, the pay off will be well worth it. If you love what you're doing, you'll never work a day in your life. Put in the effort now, so you don't live with regret later.

​4. Learn something new

There are endless amounts of skills for a person to have, so rather than honing your celebrity stalking skills further, why not take up a new hobby? Learn to play an instrument, join a sports team, find out how to make a perfect lava cake every time. The internet provides the gateway to learning nearly anything you could ever want to know. Use it to your benefit.

​5. Read a book

There are so many incredible books out there and there are new books coming out literally every single day. You could take a trip into thousands of different lives for 100 or so pages. Reading is truly worthwhile and I think that everyone should at least read a single book a year. It's TRAGIC that some people don't even get that far. Y'all are MISSING OUT.

​6. Binge watch a show or movie series

They are CONSTANTLY pumping out new material for TV shows and new movies and it's only fair for people to enjoy it after the creators have spent large portions of their lives slaving away to provide you with that content. You could binge watch all 9 seasons of The Office before Netflix takes it off January 1st. Or get into a series with a cult following like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. There has to be a reason so many people are so into it. Enjoy a few episodes and see if you can't find out why.

​7. Get informed on current issues

This one will take up A LOT of your time, but if you're worried about the Grande/Davidson saga, it seems like you'll have plenty of time on your hands for this. Learn about what's going on with immigration/deportation, gun control, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, new policy, old policies, and everything in between. Educating yourself on every aspect of an issue is the absolute best way to fully be able to understand the way the world is and form your own opinions on everything going on. There are too many uneducated people out there making harsh judgments and calls on things that they actually know very little about. If we all work just a little bit harder to know what we're talking about before forming opinions, I think the world would have much less conflict.

​8. Spend time with your loved ones

Life is precious and people come and go. Spend time with the people that you care about while you still have them in your life. If they're really worth your time, you'll enjoy the time that you spend with them anyway. Maybe even foster your own relationship with someone rather than worrying about Ariana and Pete.

​9. Make a bomb Spotify playlist

Sometimes when I get stressed, one of the most exciting things to do is to make a new Spotify playlist. Playlists are delightful because if you make enough of them, you can capture every interest and every feeling that you might have. You'll never find yourself at a loss for music to listen to exactly the way you want it to be. If it really will appease you that much, add some Ariana Grande to it so you won't be too far from worrying about her life and choices.

​10. Write

Writing has always been a favorite pastime of mine. There are literally limitless possibilities when you write. There are so many different platforms, mediums, and styles for writing. You can write about literally anything and do it nearly anywhere. It's an activity that can help you express just about anything and that can be done just about anywhere. Write Ariana and Pete fanfic even if you're STILL really that worried about what they're doing.

​11. Literally anything else

The bottom line is that folks on the internet never seem to know where to stop. Let couples (famous or otherwise) be happy and have their relationship to themselves without speculation about their every move. The internet has a way to kill a good thing. If you're willing to interfere with someone else's life or potentially ruin a good thing for a meme, then you are the worst kind of person.

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13. John Krasinski

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14. Niall Horan

Adding the only Irish to this list is sweet Niall Horan. Ditching his boy band ways much like his bandmate Harry Styles, Niall let his bleach blond locks go back to his natural brown. With his light eyes and dark hair, I am amazed he didn't go to this combo sooner cause it works for him. He also showed he is much more than a backup vocalist with his new solo album. With his sweet ways and his Irish brogue, Niall is perfect.

15. Tim Tebow

I have to add an athlete on the list, and if I am going to do that, I need to add Tim Tebow. This guy is nothing but class. He supports so many charities, is kind to all his fans, and doesn't look bad in uniform if I do say so myself. While the guy has been scrutinized by the media for his Christian faith, he still remains as sweet as can be. He also has many talents. While he got his start as a football player, he is now playing baseball for a triple A team as well as being a sports caster for the SEC. Can we please bring #tewbowing back?

16. Tom Holland

The newest face of "Spiderman," Tom Holland is by far the fan favorite to have played your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. While he has only stared in one major motion picture so far, this is not the last we will hear of him. With the new "Avengers" film coming out this summer, as well as Tom hinting on working on a few new projects via his Instagram (highly recommend giving him a follow if you aren't already), Tom Holland is bound to be one of Hollywood's actors on the rise. Also, his English accent is dreamy too!

17. Jack Schlossberg

Many of you are thinking "Who in the world is this guy?". If you know who this is, you are a true political/history nerd and cudos to you! This is President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy's grandson, Jack Schlossberg. Needless to say, the apple does not fall far from the tree as Jack resembles both his grandfather and his uncle John Jr. in so many ways. While he may be a Democrat, he is extremely smart and is an Ivy League graduate who went to Yale. If you're looking for the perfect celebrity to bring back to introduce to the family or a political guy who isn't 100 years old, Jack Schlossberg is your guy!

18. Dylan Larkin

God Bless the NHL and for having so many good looking players it made it hard to choose who I should include on this list. The first player that came to mind was Dylan Larkin, who plays for the Detroit Red Wings. Literally, any girl I talk to who actually watches NHL hockey is OBSESSED with this guy, and based on the picture above, I can see why. He was such a good hockey player, he got recruited to the NHL before finishing college. While he may be the NHL's newest diamond in the rough, he's also active in giving back to the Detroit community. He's a gem on and off the rink!

19. Tom Brady

The GOAT himself, Tom Brady is a must on this list. While he has been married to super model Gisele Bundchen for forever, in a way it makes you believe in love again with how much he adores her. When Brady isn't modeling Uggs, he's really a cool dude with some killer looks. I am solidly convinced the reason why the New England Patriots have such a large female fan base is because of Tom Brady.

20. Adam Driver

"Star Wars'" newest "it" guy is Adam Driver. "Star Wars" may not be a movie a lot of girls watch, but it did have a young Harrison Ford, young Mark Hamill, young Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and now, Adam Driver. Playing the First Order's lead bad boy Kylo Ren, if you were a fan of the dark side before, you'll really love it now because of Adam.

While there are plenty of other men I could have added to this list, these were the top 20 I found to be most popular today. As much as 2017 was kinda a crappy year, give it a toast as you kiss it goodbye this coming New Year's Eve for blessing our lives with these good-looking men this year. Here's to 2018 and the new dudes it will introduce to us, whether it be through music, film, or sports!

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