Are You Willing to End the Hatred America?

Since the election on November 8th there has been a spike in hate crimes all across America. These hate crimes consist of whites doing things to people of color or of certain religions. There are also hate crimes against people who are republicans. All of these things are all too real on college campuses. College campuses are seeing hate crimes more so than what the general public is seeing. Everyday there is some new hate crime being posted about on social media. One thing I don't understand is why is there so much hate in America? I don't understand what drives people to the things that they do.

The hatred that I see or hear about on social media needs to stop. It is doing nothing but driving Americans apart. I have not seen a great deal of hatred since the election on my college campus but I know it is there. I have heard the story of someone being spit on for supporting Trump. Since when is it okay to spit on someone for having their own beliefs and opinions? Spitting on someone is crime. There are also stories from all across the nation from college campuses about things being said to people. I feel like everyday something new is being talked about as being a hate crime.

Someone please explain to me why there is so much hatred. We are supposed to be the greatest nation on the planet but I feel as if we are not. People that do not like Trump are out protesting against him. Where were these protests eight years ago when President Obama was elected? I do not ever remember hearing about protests when he was elected. I also know there is a great deal of people that did not like and still do not like him.

Just because you do not like the outcome of the election or even if you like the outcome of the election does not give you the right to personally disrespect another human being because they have different beliefs than you. You also do not have the right to physically assault a person just because they have different beliefs than you. What happened to this nation being a UNITED nation. Isn't the name of the country the United States of America? Hatred needs to end. I do not want to continue to grow up in a country where I could be told I have a wrong opinion just based on who I voted for or for what I believe in and I can assure no one else does. So my question to you America is, are willing to end the hatred?

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