Do you ever think that you have a good head on your shoulders? That despite other people’s way of living you don’t subscribe to the trashy "Real Housewives" shows and you stay away from USWeekly and Starz magazine? Then all that goes to crap when you realize you are going down a rabbit hole during your current binge-watching session of MTV's show "Are you the One"?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there and we can help each other out. It was a dreary Monday when a friend and I stumbled upon the new season of "Are you the One"? We knew the show was probably going to be less than refined and we would probably lose brain cells because of it, but then we became obsessed. I mean in theory, it has such a great concept.

So, 20 strangers meet on the beautiful island of Hawaii to try to find their perfect match that has been found thanks to some handy-dandy questionnaires and interviews. So basically what it really means is that 20 strangers drink alcohol 24 hours a day all while hoping to find the one. According to Google, this is how the matches were found, “A dating algorithm is used to help quantify compatibility, using a process that includes in-depth interviews, questionnaires and compatibility testing.” Whatever that means.

The real kicker though? Apparently, these people all suck at relationships. I mean I suck at relationships too. Doesn’t everyone? Why am I not on a show that could possibly win me a part of 1 million dollars? If all 20 contestants are able to find their perfect match after going into the truth booth, which reveals if the couple is a perfect match or not, then they have the possibility of winning $1 million. For $1 million people would really do just about anything, so the fact that this show exists doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

What did surprise me though was how much I enjoyed it. I know, I know, it’s a show on MTV. You know that there is probably not a lot of substance, a lot of drama and a bucketful of tears. If you thought that, then you would be right because basically, that’s exactly what this show is, and yet I can’t turn away.

Although the show has only been 3 episodes I feel like I have gotten the opportunity to dissect the contestants on Are You The One? I'm also just anticipating the final episode where we can find out whose everyone's perfect match is.


Of course I would start with John. He swears he loves Julia because they have mutual friends are Facebook. I would probably be in love with 300 people if that is what we based relationships on.


On the other hand, we want to go into the TV screen and shake Julia because she is pulling John along like a sad, beat up puppy. Let’s not lie here, we all know a Julia.


I low-key want to be her because she’s so tiny and cute. Or just put her in my pocket...either one.


So, 99 percent of the time I truly do not understand what he is saying. He seems like the only cast member that realizes this is the perfect opportunity to have sex with many American women.


Pretty sure he’s the one that every girl had a crush on in the first episode because he was the only moderately good-looking tall guy. Alas, he found his perfect match...we’ll see how long that lasts.


He seems like a pretty stable guy, but hasn’t given me a vibe yet. His bio says that he’s a cowboy so just that alone makes him more attractive than he was before.


Don’t know my feelings about her yet but her picture on the MTV website is her leaning on a man’s thigh so you do the math. She also loves Asaf so I am questionable about her taste in guys.


I think we all physically wanted to slap her when she still picked John after he straight up rejected her. Again pretty sure we all know an Emma. She’s the girl that keeps coming back to the jerks even though they never want her. We feel for you Emma, but get it together. So sorry if John ends up being your match.


Does she eat at all because I’m sure I could break her like a twig. Also, I would recommend for her to always wear her hair up because she has way too much hair for her small frame.


She is so intense it kind of scares me. The fact that she said that Gio is talking about the ring finger makes me want to vomit. Does no one realize that these people have only known each other for maybe two weeks? Is no one else concerned that they're not stable?


Just generally confused about his existence because he seems like the kind of guy that could definitely work on Wall Street or something. Very interested to find out who his perfect match is going to be. I could really go for a plot twist and have it be Victoria or Kaylen.


Honestly, she seems like the most normal person on the TV show. There’s nothing to hate or love about her, but it has also only been three episodes so we shall see.


If someone came up to me and told me that his name was Prosper, then I think I would laugh right in his face. Besides, his poor name choice I really want to be his best friend. Is that weird? Probably.


I am really pulling for him to be Julia’s match like he says. On the outside, they look like complete opposites, so that would just shatter people's ideals of the perfect couple. Also, it would be great to just rub it in John’s face.


There’s something about Tori that I just truly enjoy. I feel like she doesn’t give a sh*t about anything and has a very fun and laid-back personality. I could also see her being slightly scary, but time will tell.


Who is Tyler you ask? That is an excellent question because it seems like no one ever wants to pick him until he’s the last one left. That may be due to the fact that he just wanted to “cuddle” with Francesca in episode one after making out with Nicole…lies.


I haven’t seen her form a relationship with any guy in the house. All she seems to do is yell at people and tell them to leave the house because they are costing her $1 million. Sweetheart, you only get the money if you find your match as well so start looking!


Confused about the fact that he is sporting blue nail polish that Alyssa probably put on him, but he is also the only guy that I think could really pull off the long hair. The fact that he knows all the songs in "High School Musical" should be a turn off but it’s really impressive.


The only thing that sticks in my mind about her is that she has a fake butt. Thank you MTV for offering up such insightful facts about your contestants. She has made me wonder how butt implants work, though.


If he keeps his backwards hat on all the time, then I think he would be 10 times more attractive. He also mentioned that he feels confused and I feel like I may be confused every time he speaks because he just talks in circles. Has anyone also wondered what drama would go down if Gio and Kaylen weren’t a match? I for one can’t wait until they go into the truth booth.

Check out MTV for the contestants' bios if you’re ever really bored. Very curious about how they accumulated this information to make their bios.