Why be a cat person or a dog person when you could be both? Why do i need to identify myself as one or the other without the option for "both"? Choosing a favored pet between two options isn't the same as choosing which hand to write with or hold onto something with- there should be so many other options available.

For the so-called "cat-person", here are some reasons that dogs are great too.

1. They always like you, always.

A lot of attention or very little attention is always okay, they'll love you anyway.

2. A constant bodyguard/companion.

Whether it's barking at the mailman or freaking out at thunderstorms, they are always there. Maybe they're on your bed and barking at the door, but still, it's the thought that counts, right?

3. They give you an excuse to go on walks, runs, or any exercise at all.

Or a reason to leave that party or uncomfortable date, because you've "got to let the dog out, so it won't make a mess" without any long explanations or excuses.

4. They are either really smart or really stupid at all times.

Although sometimes they act really smart doing a trick and then, five seconds later, are chasing their own tail again.

5. They'll eat anything, and I mean anything.

This doesn't mean that they should, because some things, like chocolate, are extremely harmful to dogs, but leftover food scraps are mostly fine to scrape into the dog bowl at night.

For the "dog people" out there, here are some reasons why cats aren't that bad.

1. Their self-reliance on most things.

They've got food, water, and kitty litter; they're fine for a few days.

2. Some don't like the petting, others beg for it.

Get one that doesn't like to be touched or one that sleeps on you every night, there's a cat for every in between on that scale.

3. They sleep almost all the time

I envy them so much...

4. Less likely to make huge messes.

Not that they won't, but it's most likely going to be a glass of water than the full trashcan in the kitchen.

5. Less noise, in general

Some of them meow, a lot and loudly, but mostly they are quiet or quieter than a barking dog.

Why Not Have Both?

1. Think of the cute photos of them sleeping together...

Just. Imagine it for a second, the two of them cuddled up on your couch or bed...

2. They bond with each other

And that can make them more likely to get along with other cats/dogs they meet.

3. Sharing with friends

If you have friends that prefer cats over dogs, or dogs over cats, they have the option of playing with either.