Are there jobs in London?

Are there jobs in London?

Are there jobs in London?


Yes, yes and yes! There are a lot of jobs in London and, good news; foreigners are welcomed with open arms. With more than 7 million people to feed, amuse, dress, etc., there is plenty to do, and all companies must recruit at one time or another. Depending on the position and responsibilities they will opt for a more or less experienced person, with more or less good English. A noticeable difference with France, the British tend to look more at experience than diplomas when recruiting. Some people want Just London Jobs so you can get a job easily in London.

What is the best period?

From March to October, it's a good season! Companies recruit for sunny days or to fill the departure of seasonal workers and students returning home. If you have the option to choose your departure dates, opt for one of these months. Even if you can find outside this period, it can be even more difficult to look for a job and a room during the off-season and the colder months of the year.

Being on the spot and motivated

One of the mistakes not to commit is to leave your French contact information on your CV. No need to remind your potential employer that you still have a foothold in France and not really from here. Do not give too much reason to put your resume directly in the trash without even having met you. Certainly, during your interview, you can mention that your arrival is recent, but at least at that moment, you will have the opportunity to show your motivation!

Being motivated also knows how to dress properly. Keep your style if it's all over, but a jacket and clean shoes always do better in the first meeting with a potential employer.


Internships are a good way to train and advance your English. As long as you are not (or little) paid, it is easier to find an internship than a job. Even if unattractive tasks are entrusted to you at the beginning, showing a real interest in your new business activities and trying to get more involved will bring you not only a rewarding experience to put in your resume, but maybe even a contract hiring real good. Once again the experience (freshly acquired in this case) and the motivation you will demonstrate are often more valuable than certain degrees in the eyes of British employers.

Where to find help?

For an annual fee, just London jobs offer various services to help you find an internship or a job.

Finally, do not underestimate word of mouth. If you are in hostel talk to people around you, swap Facebook contacts and phone numbers. Other newcomers looking for a job may be offered several at once as a result of their efforts. You can then jump on the opportunity and try to have one of the positions they refuse.

Do not be discouraged!

Waiting for several days for phone calls that do not arrive, walking all day (sometimes in the rain) to file CVs and send several emails daily without any response may be demotivating. If your technique does not work, review it! Expand your resume, correct mistakes, review your outfit for the door to door and persist. Take a positive step during your interviews or contacts, do not try to negotiate your salary, your schedules or your days off immediately if the offers are scarce and your finances are down!

From experience, it is not uncommon that after a period of calm several companies that you contacted at the same time remind you to offer something.

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