Archer: Plant Your Money And Watch It Grow

Archer: Plant Your Money And Watch It Grow

global food-processing and commodity trading company. It's not a fantastic industry, but it is a required one.


Archer (NYSE: ADM) may be the McDonald's (major industrial corporation) of the Old MacDonald business (farming). ADM's market cap is close to $24B and its Q2 2013 revenue was $22.5B (Financials obtained from other information from ADM annual reports). ADM is a global food-processing and commodity trading company. It's not a fantastic industry, but it is a required one.

ADM operates in three main segments - Oilseeds Processing, Corn Processing and Agricultural Services. All the revenue in all these segments is generated by turning crops (corn, soybeans, etc.) into products (ethanol, high fructose corn syrup, soy proteins, etc.). These are somewhat complicated processes that most but the largest farm business would be unable to do for themselves. ADM is boring but necessary which can be exactly the type of business that could generate consistent and ongoing profits. ADM is a well established company with a dominant position in agribusiness. For instance, ADM is the biggest corn processor in the world and corn is the number one crop in the world.

Human beings have already been farming because the dawn of civilization, so it is not the type of business where you will see revolutionary changes. This means that MoneyArcher should be made out of incremental improvements. ADM features a good track record of delivering these. In fiscal year 2012.5 ADM freed up a thousand dollars of cash through inventory reductions, sales of non-core assets, and reducing collateral requirements on borrowings (unless otherwise specified, all numbers in this informative article are from ADM reports and investor presentations). ADM continued these improvements into H1 2013 and freed up another billion dollars. The Ab muscles existence of a fiscal year 2012.5 is another example of the type of incremental improvements ADM delivers. 2012.5 is a half year reporting period, which allows it to synchronize future reporting years with the tax and regulatory year. This can save time and money.

Agriculture is a fundamental part of the economy and can be - at the least until science finds a way for people to execute photosynthesis (and even then corn has a variety of industrial uses). ADM's middleman position provides diluted exposure to this important sector in exactly the same way that running a gold miner provides exposure to the buying price of gold. The relatively non-cyclical nature of agriculture makes ADM an excellent defensive stock (its beta is simply 0.41) and as I mentioned in Boring is Good, low beta stocks have a tendency to outperform the market in the long run. ADM is well diversified geographically, by crop, and in the services it provides. It will help ensure stability, helping to make long-term planning and improvements easier.

I'm constantly on the lookout for attractive DGI values. As the market rises, creating new record highs, this search is now more and more difficult. I know I complain about any of it from time to time, but in reality, as someone who's nearly fully invested, this frustrating search is really a fairly nice problem to have. Since a simple tenet of dividend growth purchasing a long term, equity-focused, buy and hold-type mindset, I suspect that many DGI investors have been in a similar boat.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a constant issue for several investors. It's the causes of irrational momentum to build in the markets, sometimes resulting in bubbles. In a market similar to this, investors who feel like they're underweight equities are constantly on the lookout for attractive values or strong momentum plays to hitch their wagons too. Oftentimes, I do believe, this results in getting stuck in value traps or buying shares when they're too high. Thankfully, this isn't really an issue that dividend growth investors have to cope with because of their equity-heavy, long-term focus. But even so, I'm sure that I'm one of many in looking for deals.


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12 Shocking Truths You Learn When You Join A Sorority

You learn things you never though you would learn.


As a senior in high school, the idea of going through formal recruitment to find a sorority had always been in the back of my head. My mom was in a sorority when she was in college, and I saw how close she still was with her sorority sisters. Even though it seemed like a fun idea, a part of me was still a bit skeptical. If I'm being completely honest, I had those stereotypes of what sorority life was like stuck in my head. When I did end up joining a sorority, I quickly realized that all of the things I thought of I would gain from a sorority were completely false.

I ended up gaining so much more than I thought I would.

1. You find genuine and intentional people

Coming from a small school, I only had a select amount of people that I knew were truly there for me through anything. When I joined a sorority, something that I never expected was to find people who were looking for the same thing I was. Through this sorority, I have found people who become my friend not because they have anything to gain from it, but because they truly like me.

2. You find people who will help you succeed in all aspects of life

I never thought that my sisters would help me in my academic and professional life. Just this year I have already had girls give me advice about my major, help me write a resume and cover letter for internships and even help me in a class I was struggling with.

3. Your t-shirt drawer will reach maximum capacity

When my cousin joined a sorority, I really didn't understand how she could have so many different t-shirts and sweatshirts...until I joined a sorority myself. Every time I go home I take at least ten t-shirts with me and my t-shirt drawer is still overflowing. Nothing stresses me out more than when I have to somehow fit more shirts into my drawer after doing my laundry.

4. You would find an immediate support system

From choosing the right dress to wear for events or just words of encouragement, I know my all of the women in my sorority have my back. Nothing feels better than knowing there's always someone to help you with something.

5. You would find your home away from home

The first semester of college is really hard and trying to make it feel like home is even harder. Going to dinner or just random nights hanging at the house always made me feel more at home.

6. You would find people who (truly) love you for who you are

When I went through recruitment, my panhellenic counselors said that I should find a house that I could feel comfortable walking around the house with no makeup and a messy bun. I am so glad that I can say that I feel this way with my chapter. I know that I can show up with no makeup and a baseball cap and my sisters will still think I look gorgeous. I know that they will love me for all of my quirks, bad dance moves, and bad fashion choices.

7. You would find people to go to church/library/literally anywhere with

I'll be honest and admit that I never in a million years pictured myself going to church with people in my sorority. It's just something I never associated with sororities. I am so glad that I have people that are always down to go to church, the library or random ice cream dates with.

8. The sorority's actually a real thing

I'll even admit it and say that I made fun of this before I was in a sorority. Once I was in one though, I realized that it's an actual thing. We even make fun of it ourselves.

9. Formals and semi-formals are loads of fun

If you like to dance your heart out like me, semi-formals and formals are the dances for you. It's basically the same thing as homecoming and prom, only alcohol is allowed and there are no slow dances. Some of my favorite memories are from my first semi-formal and formal.

10. How exciting it was to get a big AND a twin (if you're lucky).

I wish I could be a little every week for the rest of my life. I've loved getting loads of t-shirts, canvasses, and gear and then finally finding out who my big is.

11. The girls in your house are not like the stereotype assigned to the house

Going into recruitment, I was not aware of the stereotypes of any of the houses. It was a rude awakening when I overheard people talking bad about one of the houses that I really liked. During my first few weeks in my chapter, I realized how hateful people could be when they only knew the stereotype of your house. I wish that all of the girls who had preconceived notions of my chapter would actually get to know all of my sisters and realize how cool, genuine and kickass we really are.

12. How hard its going to be to say goodbye to all of your sisters

At the beginning of the year, I never would've thought that I would find so many compassionate and kind women that could potentially be my life-long friends. Saying goodbye to them at the end of the year is going to harder than I thought.

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