What is the best zodiac sign?

If you are friends with me, then you know how obsessed with astrology I am. I mean I only have two 600 page books on the topic, a deck of tarot cards, a tattoo representing my moon sign, and the horoscope.com tab pulled up on my computer and phone. I am not afraid to call you out on being a fire/earth/air/water sign or even go so low to call you out when your sign's negative traits show. I am an Aquarius. Actually - I'm born on the cusp of Aquarius/Capricorn (January 20th) but I don't show any Capricorn traits. The traits that challenge my air sign come from me being a water moon in Cancer. I believe though that Aquarians are the best and even though it breaks compatibility rules; I also love my Virgos. The following traits prove just how amazing we can be.

1. Friendliness


Aquarians most popular trait is their friendliness. Aquarians, while sassy and aloof, tend to look at people from the perspective of equality. They don't like to judge right away and have friends from multiple different groups.

2. Humanitarian


Aquarians have the stereotype of being weird, eccentric, and hippies who live out in the woods. They see things from a more spiritual and psychedelic viewpoint. They are the most likely sign to participate in witchcraft, free love, and veganism. They want to love the entire universe and desire peace. They will be friends with the rich and the homeless.

3. Intelligent

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Aquarians aren't going to be geniuses. Intelligence is meaning they love to learn and absorb information whether that be book smarts or street smarts. They also learn quickly but can be very lazy. Aquarians never stand for stupidity.

4. Independence


Aquarians love to do things on their own to prove their worth. They don't really like help with many things and enjoy their own company over the company of others.

5. Superiority Complex


Aquarians (much like Leos) have a superiority complex. They believe they are the best even when they aren't. Usually they won't suffer from any self esteem issues because even when they suck, they are still great.

6. Stubborn


Aquarians think they are so intelligent and perfect that they tend to not comply with others because they believe their way is the best way. Compromise - who is that?

7. Detached


Aquarians are not the most affection sign out there, but that is usually because they are scared of rejection or losing a friend. Once you are with them and they trust you they are very loyal and loving.

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