10 Times April Ludgate described an Out-of-State's Weekend at a Suitcase School

As much as it would say otherwise, I go to a suitcase school, which in case you don't know what that is, it means that most people go home for the weekend. Being that I am from out of state and live more than two hours away, I can't exactly do that. There are quite a few ups and downs, but all in all, usually uneventful.

1. The initial joy of the weekend


At first, you almost forget that you're going to have a meh weekend. You don't have to go to class, get up, or deal with people you don't want to.

2. Then you remember that there's nothing to do


It's even worse if you don't give a hoot about sports, because the biggest deal during the weekend are the games.

3. Unless, of course, you have a paper due, which you don't want to do


Which you do anyway because you don't want your GPA to tank. It's the weekend, though. A time of rest.

4. On the bright side, the campus is dead


Meaning, no waiting in line, and less obligation to make small talk.

5. Weekends are perfect for family visits


It means you can get off of campus if carless, maybe even eat real food.

6. But when it's not an option.... What to do?


Sleep? Watch Youtube? Sleep some more? Eat?

7. You could attend a dorm party ironically


It's something to do, and could be a chance to observe the devolution of humanity, but just... why? And all they have is beer.

8. You can still stay up during the wee hours


If you don't have a roommate, bedtime is whenever you like. Then sleep all day.

9. Wait, is it Sunday night already?


Wasn't it Friday a couple hours ago? Maybe boredom and sleep make time fly way too fast.

10. At least you're not bored, but you'll have to go to class....


And wake up... And deal with people because campus is no longer dead.

Let's hope someone wants to visit in the near future, and you don't have a paper.

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