An Appreciation Post To My Roommate

An Appreciation Post To My Roommate

Roommates may only be temporary, but I believe that our friendship will last a lifetime.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

My roommate, Olivia, is such a special person that I am thankful to call one of my best friends. Going into fall semester, we both didn't think we would bond the way we did. In fact, we just had a mutual friend in common and nothing else; somehow we just immediately clicked together like we had known each other since birth. The first day of living together, we felt immediately comfortable around each other and almost instinctively knew we would be friends.

I mean, there are many hallmarks to a great relationship with someone, and I would say spontaneity and laughs are definitely ones that we partake in on the regular. We both have an understanding that the best times are often the most unplanned ones. Like when we had a two-hour delay, and my first class was canceled. We just decided to eat at Nudy's Cafe for breakfast. Throughout our time living together, we have shared too many hilarious moments to together to even remember them all, like the time when we went to the movies and took five movie posters and hung them around our apartment.

Our shenanigans are probably some of the best times where I find myself crying from laughing so hard.

Aside from the humorous times, we have had serious, long, and deep conversations about life itself and larger issues in the world. We have also opened up on a deeper level about personal events and issues that plague us each day. Because we have such a solidified relationship, we can be open and talk about how much something is bothering us this week and give personalized advice because we know each other so well.

This is a friendship that I think will last a lifetime purely because we would miss each other too much if we left each other's lives... but in all seriousness, I think we have made such a real human connection to each other that will last us a lifetime, even when she moves out next semester. It may be more difficult to try to hang out with her, but sometimes you just have to drop what you're doing to hang out with one of your best friends.

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