I have one of the best dogs in the world, and although I know that everyone thinks they have the best dog, let me tell you why Buddy is mine. He’s there for me when I need his comfort, and he races to greet me when I come home from college, even if I haven’t seen him in a month. Buddy is a shih-poo, (a shih-tzu poodle mix) and he has the softest black and white fur, although he is starting to grey in his 11 years.

Buddy was a gift for my golden birthday. My dad and I went to a dog breeder after searching online, and I had the choice of any dog I wanted. All I really knew was that I wanted a dog that would always be able to live inside, and would never be too big to do so. I knew that Buddy was the dog for me as soon as I held him. It took some time to think of Buddy’s name, funnily enough. I simply couldn’t think of anything that would fit him better. Buddy was rambunctious as a puppy, and I remember how much trouble he caused while he was house trained.

Buddy knows he is a member of the family, and he doesn’t seem to realize that he is not a person as well. I remember times when I would be in my room, crying after the end of a bad day, he would come to lay beside me and lick my cheeks. I am so glad that he is the dog I’ve grown up with. Unfortunately, he has had his imperfect moments. I remember all of the “Barbie” arms Buddy chewed up, as well as my “American Girl” doll’s hand. There was also a time he ate almost an entire king sized dark chocolate bar and had to stay at the vet’s office overnight for observation. As he’s grown, he has become less ornery, and cuddlier.

Buddy may be getting older, but he is not losing any of his love. I am so happy to come home and see him wag his tail and jump onto my lap. Since I do not see him as much as I used to, he sits by me as long as he possibly can when I am able to see him. Even though I don’t see him every day, I couldn’t be happier to have him. If I have another dog one day, I hope he compares to Buddy.