6 Signs You Should Apply For That Job
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6 Signs You Should Apply For That Job

While many recent grads will consider practically any job as one worth applying for (we get it, you gotta eat, right?), here are six things to look for that signal applying is actually worth your time.

6 Signs You Should Apply For That Job

Looking for a new job can take a while. As weeks or months pass, you might start submitting your resumes to any posting, regardless of the job's hours or responsibilities.

Get back on track by learning to look for job openings that match your professional goals. These are six signs you should apply for that job — they could mean the position will be a great fit and a fulfilling step in your career.

1. You Have the Required Experience

There are plenty of open jobs that need people with specific experience. No one would want to hire someone for an executive position without years of experience in that particular field. The same thing goes for any job above an entry-level position, so double-check the experience requirements on every post that catches your eye. If you've earned the necessary degree or spent years building similar skills, you're more likely to thrive if you get hired.

2. The Job Is a Stepping Stone

People rarely get their dream job right out of college. It's better to look at your career as a series of stepping stones. The best position will move your career forward by giving you the experience to reach your ultimate goal, like opening a business or reaching the highest management level.

If you're unsure how to plan your professional stepping stones, consider what you want from your career and estimate how you'll get there. Keep that plan in mind when applying for new positions. Save time by skipping any job listing that doesn't serve your dreams.

3. The Company Values Diversity

You'll enjoy your job more if you work for a company that matches your values. Look for businesses that prioritize those values in their mission statements or company ethics, like focusing on diversity and inclusion. They'll create teams where people contribute valuable perspectives and welcome new ideas.

It's also a good sign that the company lifts every team member up because they actively work past subconscious biases that limit a person's growth in businesses that don't value inclusion.

4. There's Room for Growth

The next time you find yourself browsing open positions on job apps and find a company that catches your attention, explore their website and read news articles about them. Learn about what that business does, how many employees it has, and whether it has a good reputation as an employer. If you find that the company grows steadily in revenue or team size every year, there's room for professional growth if you get hired.

Growth is one of the many signs you should apply for that job, because your career should never remain stagnant. You should use the opportunity to refine your skills or add new ones, then move upward within the company into positions with more responsibilities. Small businesses that have bad reputations, lose clients regularly, or haven't expanded their teams in the past year will only result in lower employee retention and fewer opportunities for professional development.

5. The Benefits Are Competitive

Great benefits transform jobs into positions people want to keep. Consider what you need from your next place of employment to determine if they offer competitive benefits. If you may want to expand your family in the next few years, look for parental leave policies that allow at least six weeks of absence after your baby comes home.

You can also check for comprehensive coverage for medical, dental, and vision care. Don't forget to look for paid time off (PTO) packages and overtime pay if you'll likely work more than 40 hours a week or love to travel. You don't want to get hired where you feel stuck at your desk or limited in how you can live your life after clocking out.

6. The Job Engages Your Passions

The best jobs utilize your passions to make your career more fulfilling. What do you love doing during the workday? You might feel at your best when you're helping a team, leading your co-workers, or working directly with customers to make their experience great.

Create a list of your professional passions and prioritize whatever ends up at the top of your list. Any job that requires or celebrates what you're passionate about is likely the next best step in your career.

Apply for That Job Today

It's exhausting to apply for jobs every day, so skip the tedious applications that consume your free time. Look for these six signs you should apply for that job so you get the best chance at a rewarding position. If a job connects with your interests, needs your experience, and has room for growth, you've likely found a promising professional opportunity.

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