The (Not So) Subtle Appeal To A Bashful Boy And His Cheesy Pick Up Line

The (Not So) Subtle Appeal To A Bashful Boy And His Cheesy Pick Up Line

“But do you know how to french kiss?”

A warm summer night atop the roof of a frat house, (romantic, I know) I lay next to a boy whose name I had forgotten four times, or so he’ll tell you. To be quite honest, I was somewhat shocked by this boy’s apparent nervousness as we’d been talking alone, on the roof, on a beautiful night, for well over 20 minutes and the farthest conversation topic we’d made it to was him asking me, not once, but twice, why I was in LA for the summer.

He’d always seemed so smooth, where is this awkwardness coming from?

My hopes rapidly declining, he turned to me to ask the question all us college girls have heard from frat boys more times than we’d like to admit: “So, what’s your major?”

Wow, he’s really trying to get to know the real me isn’t he? He’s probably never had to deal with a girl not just falling all over him.

Cringing, I cordially respond that, while I hadn’t yet chosen a major, I was going to minor in French. This was his moment to shine, to finally spit his best game yet, and so he took immediate advantage.

His tone rose an octave and he put on his most suave voice, “Oh, but do you know how to french ki––” He cut himself off there and went in for the kiss before he could finish that god awful, cheesy pick-up line.

Flash forward six months and here I am, sitting in his apartment for the billionth time in a row, writing an article, waiting for who I now call my boyfriend, to get out of the shower.

“But do you know how to french kiss?”

Top five cheesiest pick-up lines I’ve ever heard. While I love to make fun of him for this story, it is one of the memories I hold most dear to my heart.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the (not so) subtle appeal of a bashful boy and his cheesy pick-up line.

When a guy comes to you and delivers a “smooth” pick up line with expert precision, you can be assured he’s used it hundreds of times, on countless girls. I for one was worried as my boyfriend had always appeared too smooth for his own good. No one really loves a player.

A well-versed player has tried and true pick up lines stashed in the back of his pocket, ready at will. He won’t flinch to use one and you bet he won’t stumble over his words as he does.

On the other hand, someone who apprehensively delivers a cheesy pick-up line, no matter how witty it may be, is far less likely to be the player you imagined, or didn’t imagine, him to be.

Not to mention if his nervousness is showing, he’s clearly not certain that his line will be a smashing success. Uncertainty and the ability to take a risk show he isn’t taking himself too seriously.

When someone shows the vulnerability to laugh at themselves, everything becomes less serious, less stuffy. No longer is there the pressure to act in accordance with the “rules,” whatever they may be. This awkward courtship becomes much easier as you both can relax.

Talking to my boyfriend six months later about that first night, he reminds me it came out of a desperation to just take the shot. The pick-up line which started it all came from the uncertainty that I felt the same, a witty word vomit, and a quick save.

It is so comforting to know he was just as nervous as I was, which became apparent through his deliverance of his corny one-liner. Thus I will always have a sweet spot for a bashful boy and his cheesy pick-up line.

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12 You Should Know About Your Significant Other After You've Been Dating 12 Months Or More

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