To The App That Gave Life Meme-ing

To The App That Gave Life Meme-ing

Long live Vine!

It has been two years since the death of Vine. But just because the app is dead, does not mean that its legacy has not carried on. All one has to do is search for vine compilations to see that Vine’s death has not killed our dreams. There are countless videos of the best vines compiled together for anyone to enjoy. Ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that Vine is my life.

I quote my favorites daily, binge-watch them as if they were a TV show on Netflix, and can pull up any vine in a just a few seconds. I have even saved my favorite vines to my phone’s camera roll, that way I can always have them. Vine is my life, and I am still finding vines I have never seen before. My YouTube Watch Later playlist is filled with countless vine compilations. Some I’ve seen multiple times, and some I have yet to watch.

My absolute favorite is “Vines that butter my eggroll.” But here are a few others that I thoroughly enjoy:

here, here, here, and here. *Rated PG-13 as there are strong language and content not suited for children.*

As I was writing this article, I was hit with nostalgia and spent nearly an hour watching vines, perusing their website, and contently laughing to myself. So be warned, watching vines can be addicting and lead to a serious waste of time, well to some it's a waste of time. The hardest part of being a Vine addict is that none of my friends get my references, except for a select few. But that does not stop me from saying my favorites out loud. They already assume it’s a vine. Vines remind me of high school and the memories I made there, which might be a reason why I can’t let go of them. But it could also be because I love them, and they will never NOT be funny.

In December of last year, the creators of Vine showed off a design for Vine 2, called v2. Now, as a passionate Vine fan, I was ecstatic. But there has not been any news since then. Except for this article that just says that it will still be a while for the app to be released. That doesn’t stop me from being excited to see where this new vine-like app is going and when it will be released. It’s a Vine-lover’s dream. If only there were more concrete details to go off.

Vine was the most innocent app. Sure, there was bad language, but these six-second videos made the world happy. Plus, it gave countless people an outlet to expand their brand and get their name out in the world. There were a ton of YouTube stars that started out on Vine, and some actors, and media personalities. Vine was all about the laughs and brightening peoples’ days. And even though the app has since been terminated, the happiness continues on in our hearts... and YouTube.

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14 Stages Of Buying Jonas Brothers Concert Tickets As A 20-Something In 2019

"Alexa, play "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers."


In case you missed it, the Jonas Brothers are back together and, let me tell you, they're giving us some major jams. For those of us who were there when it all began back in 2007 with their first album, It's About Time, this has been one of the most important events of the year. But nothing, and I mean nothing can rival the excitement every twenty-something felt as the Jonas Brothers announced their Happiness Begins tour. I, for one, put my name in for ticket presale, have been following every single social media site related to the tour/group, and, of course, listening to the Jonas Brothers on repeat. And if you did manage to snag tickets, then you know that this is how your brain has been ever since they announced the tour.

1. Finding out that they're going on tour

2. Hopefully entering your name into the lottery to get presale tickets

3. Finding out that you actually get to buy presale tickets

4. Impatiently waiting for your presale tickets by listening to their songs on repeat

5. And remembering how obsessed you used to be (definitely still are) with them

6. Trying to coordinate the squad to go to the concert with you

7. Waiting in the Ticketmaster waiting room...

8. ...And feeling super frantic/frustrated because there are about 2000 people in line in front of you

9. Actually getting into the site to buy the tickets

10. Frantically trying to find seats you can actually pay for because, let's be real, you're twenty-something and poor

11. Managing to actually get the seats you want

12. Joyfully letting your squad know that you've done it

13. Crying a little because all of the dreams you've had since 2007 are coming true

14. Listening to every single Jonas Brothers song on repeat (again)

If you, like me, have finally fulfilled one of your dreams since childhood, then congrats, my friend! We've made it! Honestly, of all the things I've done in my adult life, this might be the one that child me is the most proud of.

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11 Amazing TV Shows That Are Ending in 2019

All good things must come to an end.


It might just be the beginning of 2019 but there are many TV series wrapping up already. There are many breathtaking and original pilots around along with several reboots coming. This might be one of the greatest year for TV.

However, all good things must come to an end. Some series have been planned out and are going to be finished while others have been cut short. Sadly, here's a list of TV series to say goodbye to this year.

1. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Final Date: May

12 Seasons//279 episodes

2. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Final Date: End of 2019

7 seasons//91 episodes

3. Jane the Virgin (CW)

Final Date: Mid-late 2019

5 seasons//100 episodes

4. Games of Thrones (HBO)


Final Date: Summer

8 Seasons//73 episodes

5. Broad City (Comedy Central)

Comedy Central

Final Date: March

5 seasons//50 episodes



Final Date: Spring

7 seasons//67 episodes

7. Homeland (Showtime)


Final date: Summer

8 seasons//96 episodes

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

Final date: January 25

4 seasons//52 episodes

9. The Affair (Showtime)


Final Date: End of 2019

5 seasons//42 episodes

10. Friends From College (Netflix)

Final Date: End of 2019

2 seasons//16 episodes

11. Crashing (HBO)


Final Date: End of 2019

3 seasons//24 episodes

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