We've all had those moments growing up where we realize something that we took for granted way too much when we were young. However, the older I get and the more responsibility I take on, the more I realize just how much my mom has always done for me.

Moving to college definitely proved to me several things that were always just taken care of by mom. With no credit taken. However, apartment-style living (cooking and all) has really proven to me why moms really are supermoms day in and day out.

After getting home from long days of classes, work, and meetings, if I have not planned enough, I find myself either eating waaay too many cookies or snacking on 20 random things. My exhaustion from the day normally leads to this scene in the kitchen and then leads to frustration in my ability to properly "adult" like I want to. Now, of course, this picture isn't too different than what is expected of a college student's lifestyle. But living it makes me realize what it means to have your mom there.

My entire life my mom was coming home from a long day of work, picking me up and dropping me off, and ensuring that I was taken care of all day, to then have to cook something that would satisfy my family. Not only would she serve some sort of dinner, but she was also always sure to make some homemade, healthy, and satisfying meal. And if I didn't like it, she would make me whatever I wanted or cared for that night.

Of course, this sounds like what a mom, or a dad, should do for their children. It's their job, right? But after living as an adult (jus for a few weeks) I have realized just how special all of these normal expectations make moms. My mom would come home from a stressful day as a professional to be 100% my mom. Between dinner, homework help, cleaning up, throwing in loads of laundry, always baking something up, and creating special memories along the way it is safe to say that her job as mom was a 24/7, full-time job.

But what blows me away is how easy she made (and still makes) it look. While I take a picture of every meal I make to show her, she has made countless meals that she never even got a thank you for. While I pat myself on the back for every lunch I meal prep, she packed my lunch every. single. day. for 13 years without ever making it a big deal. While I think of apartment living as a 20-year-old the big leagues, she maintained a household with children.

And she did it all with a smile and constant hugs. How she did it? I could never tell you.

If you're relating any of this to your mom, it is safe to say that you have a supermom. I'll never know how they make it look so easy. But I will always be forever grateful.

One of the things my roommates and I say most commonly now is, "I give my mom so much credit". We could be washing dishes (for the millionth time in the day) or turning off the lights at the end of the night, but it doesn't matter. It's the little things that we are realizing were done for us for so many years without a complaint.

This one goes out to all the supermoms out there who raise children with such grace that it takes them until adulthood to even realize all of the behind the scenes actions that made their entire life what it is today. I thank you.