11 Reasons I Wish My Anxiety Didn't Rule My Life

Everybody suffers from anxiety in life. Some anxiety is normal, healthy even, but then there are those of us who suffer from anxiety in unhealthy ways. In case you're wondering what "normal" anxiety it, those are the times when you feel anxiety about an upcoming test. For example, you're worried that it's going to be too hard or you're worried that you didn't study enough. And then, there's the overwhelming, crippling anxiety. Those who have to constantly have to worry about breaking down and having a panic/anxiety attack in public. Those who struggle doing small things here and there because their anxiety gets the best of them.

I've been through it all, I've had my good days and I've had my bad days. Here are 11 reasons I wish my anxiety didn't rule my life.

I don't do half the things I want to. 

I'm always too scared or worried about trying new things. I let my fears and anxiety get the best of me and hold myself back.

I always feel like people are watching me.

Logically, I know that no one cares who I am or what I'm doing. However, that doesn't stop me from being self-conscious and feeling like people are paying attention to my every move.

I stress over every single little thing.

When I say every little thing, I mean every little thing. Even if it's something as stupid as possibly opening a door by pulling it when it's a push...

I cry A LOT more than I should.

Mental breakdown? Check.

I don't speak up for myself.

I'm really bad about defending myself. Why? Because I'm scared.

I get lonely.

It's hard to not be lonely with anxiety because no matter what I feel, it's hard to explain to other people. I don't even know what I'm feeling sometimes.

I'm always worrying about something.

There's never a time where I can just relax. When I do have the time to relax, I'm worried that I'm not doing something I need to or that I'm forgetting something.

I don't love myself like I should.

It's just hard to love yourself when you don't feel like yourself.

I'm not confident in myself.

I second guess (and triple and quadruple) myself 24/7.

 I try to please other people. 

I put others before me. I get in moods where I care too much about what people think and I do what everyone else wants to do.

 I either stress eat or I'm too stressed to eat. 

This definitely isn't the worse thing about having anxiety but it's a horrible habit to have. And by not eating, I'm not healthy physically and that messes with me mentally.

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