I'll be the first to say it, anxiety sucks.

I have had had anxiety since the eighth grade. I am now a sophomore in college. That is at least six years, and that is only since diagnosis. With this, I should include my symptoms.

-Heart palpitations

-Shortness of breath

-Chest pain


-Impairment to speech

-Dizziness from shortness of breath


-Racing thoughts

-Fear and worry


I know that list is extensive... trust me. To explain why these problems seem to cause more anxiety, allow me to explain. Anxiety symptoms can mimic heart problems and different life-threatening issues, which obviously make you panic more. Some things can make this happen more than others. For example, caffeine, stress, and adrenaline can cause changes with anxiety.

Lately, my anxiety has gotten worse. Sometimes I will be sitting in one of my classes and I start having terrible anxiety. I start trembling and I cannot concentrate. I never know how to deal with it. You would think that after all these years I would figure out how to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is that I cannot. I hate that I can't do it. The worst part would have to be when I have to leave class. Anxiety affects my grades, which in turn affects my future.

That's only at school. I get social anxiety as well. Sometimes I am at a family gathering and I have to step aside and catch my breath. I try not telling my family the details of anxiety. Other than my parents, I can't seem to bring myself to tell others.

This occurs at work and in class. In class, the stress and the social aspect drive me up a wall. At work, it involves trying to keep so many things in line and so many people happy. It can be hard to keep everyone happy in a fast paced environment. Another place where anxiety can be triggered is anywhere with large crowds -- the most common being concerts. It makes it hard to go and enjoy yourself when your anxiety seems to be taking over the entire situation.

Another trigger that I have with my anxiety is shock and stress. When I get shocking news or a stressful project, my anxiety rises. It can be hard to deal with. Those two things are also unavoidable. There are circumstances in life that no one expects. With these various circumstances, anxiety can arise. This even occurs with people who do not suffer from anxiety.

I know this is short, but it gets the point across. Anxiety can make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. From class to work, and family gatherings to concerts, some things can be extremely difficult. It takes a lot to learn what helps, but researching anxiety if you are diagnosed is a good place to start.