Yes, Anxiety Sucks But It Is Not Impossible To Deal With

Yes, Anxiety Sucks But It Is Not Impossible To Deal With

You got this. Keep calm and carry on.

There is a large spectrum of anxiety, from minor to intense, but no matter what intensity, anxiety is not easy to live with. Having anxiety impacts nearly every part of a person's day, whether they realize it or not. It's when you start overthinking every single spoken or written word, it's bombing exams because the fear of failing overtakes you, it's losing relationships because without loving yourself, it feels impossible to love another.

To put it bluntly, anxiety sucks, but it does not lessen your worth.

Anxiety is not something easily identifiable to the human eye. It takes trust to tell another that you are diagnosed with anxiety. It also takes even more trust to tell that same person that you're on medication for your anxiety.

Anxiety is not something that can just "go away." It is something that fades, and unfortunately most likely will come back. In fact, relapse is almost more terrifying than the initial diagnosis. You know something is wrong, but you don't want to admit it. You don't want to admit that you're right back where you started.

Panic attacks are the absolute worse. You know that no matter what you're getting upset over is most likely not worth it, but to you, it is. You start shaking, your breathing starts getting shorter and you can't get a full breath. The tears come faster and harder, your head starts pounding because the tears and rapid breathing is too much for you. You can't help but curl into a ball, unable to open up to the world. You start having flashbacks to your previous panic attacks and why they happened, and they make you worry even more. Eventually, you calm down. It may be in five minutes, it may be thirty minutes, it may be longer. Eventually, you come back around. Then finally, you can breathe and see clearly again. But, that does not stop the fear that there may be another panic attack right around the corner.

Anxiety is not an easy thing to live with. But, it's not impossible to live with either. It is manageable, with some practice. You can learn how to relax. Find something to distract yourself, whether it be Netflix or working out, maybe it's even taking a nap. Find something to distract yourself and put your whole life into perspective.

That job you just lost?

It's not worth as much as your college education.

Now, that test you just failed?

That's more important than a job.

Good grades can earn scholarships, those scholarships pay for school, a part-time job can only get you so far. Have friends that flaked out on you?

If they were true friends, they'd be there for you. You're going to lose people through your life, and that's okay. They had their purpose, but now it's time to move forward and find your own purpose.

You'll meet people who truly love you and care for you and support you; those are the ones you want around.

Take it from me; anxiety sucks. But, it's not impossible to live with. You got this. Keep calm and carry on.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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She seemed to read her presentation off the carpet.

“Margaret, your presentation please,” the teacher announced above the crowd of heads that filled the classroom.

At the sound of her name being called, she stood up and walked with slow, heavy feet to the front of the classroom. While she stood by the Smart Board waiting for her PowerPoint to load, her eyes kept darting at the door.

As she stood there presenting her PowerPoint in a very small voice, her face never changed. Margaret’s mouth stayed in a thin line the entire presentation, her eyebrows furrowed, and she made no eye contact with anyone—just the door, the walls, the ceiling, and mostly the floor. She seemed to read her presentation off the carpet. Along with that, her pale, flushed face looked as though she may even throw up. Her face even had a tint of green to it. She took short, rapid breaths as if to try and hold it down.

Along with her eyes, her head also hung down, creating a small hunch in her upper shoulders and back. Margaret couldn’t stand still. Watching her rock back and forth from one foot to the other took all my attention away from her presentation. Her hands kept moving as well. She had her fingers twisted in a knot and when she would unwind them, they would only get twisted up again. She did, however, take a break from twisting up her fingers by rotating and re-rotating the rings on her fingers.

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Cover Image Credit: Eric Ward

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Are You Tired Of People Glorifying Anxiety Yet?

Anxiety is not fun and not something the greater community wants to joke about.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

“Anxiety queen,” “Anxiety since birth,” “High-anxiety,” “Low power mode,” “Oops, I’m sad again,” “2% girl 98% anxiety,” “Anxiety club.”

Okay, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of looking around and seeing disturbingly “cute” posters or phone cases, screensavers or stickers that glorify anxiety. I’m tired of the jokes that seem to be “relatable,” but are actually quite serious.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

To be able to be optimistic about mental illness is a great thing. It is important, more than anything. I am a huge believer in positive psychology, and if being humorous or comical is what is going to get you through your day, then more power to you. Do not get me wrong, I also try to make light about my anxiety here and there to my friends to try to get me through bad times.


I am working hard to overcome my anxiety in time and to ignore the triggers around me. For people like me, seeing these unsettling quotes makes our stomachs churn. On behalf of the people who suffer from anxiety, it is not fun, we are not proud of anxiety, and we do not want anxiety.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

I love a colorful background and funky font, but is it truly necessary to mock a human variation that can cripple lives? Stickers and phone cases are an advertisement for our personalities, and I can only imagine my fellow anxious humans do not want anxiety to label or define them.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

It reminds me of the popular "boy who cried wolf" story. If you joke about your disability, there is going to become a point in which people will not believe that it is as serious as it actually is. I am a strong advocate for opening up conversations about mental health.

I also believe that it is important to talk about your feelings rather than bottle them up, an act that took me years to realize. However, I do not think glorifying anxiety is the answer to anything.

So, stop glorifying anxiety.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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