Poetry: Anxiety is...

Anxiety is when you can't breathe cause your suffocating badly down your throat

Too hot to leave a sweater on but than you are too cold so your wrap yourself in your coat

You throw your head down in the pillow and sink your tears in it

Lay quietly in the dark with the lights just barely lit

Anxiety is finding the strength to go to work when you literally do not want to

But you have to in order to pay bills amongst other things you have to do

So you suck it up and put on your happy face for other people to view

Even though you just want to scream and cry cause there is nothing you literally want to do

Anxiety is having to hide your real emotions so people can see you are happy

Even though deep down inside you don't give a crap about life and just feel always crappy

You isolate yourself from others because you just want to be alone

With also having the fear that your a burden to others so you stay home

Anxiety is not being able to talk to others about your problems because you feel like they won't care

Even worse you are scared they will judge you which is something no one can bare

So you go to a therapist for support, help, and for someone to listen you

Even though you feel hopeless that you'll just never make it through

Anxiety is pins and needles constantly poking your body throughout the day

And it's worse when trying to sleep cause thoughts in your mind go astray

You hope you don't wake up the next day cause you can't bare the pain

But you have that little piece of hope left in you saying it will all go away

Anxiety is, Anxiety is, Anxiety is the devil

it leads you down a negative path and stoops you down to a low level

If you don't take care of yourself you crumble, crash, and feel all in a saddened fiz

That is what anxiety is....

*If you need help or no someone in need, there is always help and support. Here are some resources below:




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