The Story Of My Life: Anxiety & Depression

The Story Of My Life: Anxiety & Depression

"When anxiety pushes me to run far far away from everything and everyone to the tiniest and darkest corner of the world and depression tells me to stay there forever."

The Mighty

I always tell people that I am always here to help, and I always am. Except when anxiety pushes me to run far far away from everything and everyone to the tiniest and darkest corner of the world and depression tells me to stay there forever. At some point, if you don't take control over your life with the combination of therapy and medication, anxiety and depression will take over your life instead. While you should be doing everything you can to fight your demons, here are 7 tips to crawl out of the cave and be strong enough to walk anywhere with confidence:

1) Positive Affirmations (Optimist Creed)

We are all trying our best always. Some days are harder than others and on those days, you need to make a promise to yourself to recite the optimist creed. I am forever grateful to my favorite professor for introducing this to me. I have shared this with almost everyone I know, and even have printouts and a copy of this hanging over my desk. This brightens any dark day I have.

2) Drink Tea

Tea can be a lifesaver for improving mood and increasing relaxation. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals, polyphenols, and tannins that not only help with weight loss, heart disease, cancer, Parkinsons, diabetes, and many other degenerative illnesses, it also helps boost dopamine in the brain to promote positive mood states. Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that provides an anti-stress relaxation benefit to tea drinkers. There are many different teas and tisanes that can help alleviate anxiety and depression.

3) Exercise

Most of us already know about runners high and the feel-good hormones that breaking a sweat can gift us with. While there are literally hundreds of reasons to exercise, joining your local gym to do group fitness classes like insanity and dance and aqua Zumba can challenge you to make friends who have the same goals as you.

4) Do Something Different!

Routines may make us feel safe, but they can keep you trapped in a boring endless loop of insanity. I learned this from a Ted Talk : Whenever I feel the hesitation before I am about to do something towards change, I countdown 5-4-3-2-1 and it helps me just do it!

5) 5 Senses Exercise

Doing this grounding exercise can really help in a moment of anxiety. It helps to keep things that help you at all times. Invest in a fidget cube , chewing gum, essential oils , crystals , or whatever it is that helps like wearing your favorite underwear or lucky socks. For some of us, reiki and massage therapy can change your life!

6) Listen to Music (Sound Therapy)

Some of us may have heard of the love frequency 528 hz or have felt the benefits of hearing a singing bowl used in yoga class or meditation therapy. Listening to some binaural beats can help uplift your spirits and help clear your mind. Give it a try! There are also apps that white noise and peaceful sounds of birds chirping or rain falling or the sound of wood crackling in a winter fire.

7) Go Outside (Change of Scenery)

"When in doubt, just go out" I always say. Spending time in nature not only helps ease symptoms of anxiety and depression but can also help lower crime rates.

While you may not always have the best days, you won't always have the worst days either. Figure out what makes all of this worth it, and fight for that. If we wait until we feel like it to make a change, we may be waiting for the rest of our lives. As the saying goes, "Don't wait until you feel like taking positive actions. Take the action and then you will feel like doing it."No matter what, I believe in you but Believe in yourself too!

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