I have always had bad anxiety ever since I was little kid. Everyone thought I was just this shy kid who didn't want to talk, but I actually did want to. When your a little kid in elementary school you don't really have much to be anxious about, yet I moved to so many schools from the time I was in Kindergarten until tenth grade, I had to be "that new kid" almost every August.

As I got older, my anxiety became to get worse and worse, to the point in ninth grade I started to make myself so sick I could not go to school for a week every month!

Now, you're probably thinking what does this have to do with the title well, here it is.

For months my mom made appointments with all sorts of doctors trying to figure out what the heck was going on with me. It took the ninth doctor I saw to figure out what I have: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. When the doctor told us this we had no clue what that was, that it scared me so badly.

Every month I would build so much anxiety inside of me that I would cause this disorder to happen.

Every week that I would have this, every symptom would happen in this order: aching in my left hand, to vomiting for either hours or two days, to god knows how many fevers, and end with a cold.

Weird, right?

That basically every "common" sickness a person can get I would get for a whole week. As I got into my Junior and Senior year of high school my disorder started to fade to the point where I would get it maybe a few days for one month in the whole year. Yet as I started college with the second month and third I was getting it once a month for a whole week. Every time I have to explain what is going on, everyone goes "just take a deep breath", " oh you'll probably sleep it off", "is that even a real thing". Well taking deep breaths would help in the beginning yet you never know when that first symptom is going to happen, and sleeping it off does nothing, and yes it is a real thing and no you can not fake it. So living with CVS has shown me that living with anxiety is a bigger deal than most people think.