Feminism has gotten a horrible reputation as a crazed, femi-Nazi movement.

However, as a PROUD feminist, each time I hear the cause mislabeled and completely slandered, a little spark is lit inside me to change their minds. I'm here to set the record straight and open your eyes to the new wave of feminism. Get on board or get left behind.

Feminism, simply defined, is EQUALITY of the genders (or non-conforming), NOT supremacy of females, as we often get criticized for by the patriarchy.

Yeah, I said it.

While you could argue that women have the same legal rights as men, the standards for women are so obviously different and the societal expectations are extremely limiting. Major business women being seen as shrill or controlling for simply acting in a "masculine" manner, or worse, having these behaviors blamed on "that time of the month" is incredibly demeaning and destroys confidence and motivation in young girls across the globe.

There are countless women in the spotlight today, however, that are helping to change the mold, taking back women's bodies and creating bosses from their bones. Amber Rose. Maybe she's not your mom's favorite role model for you, but the female empowerment of her annual Slut Walk is undeniable.

The main goal of this protest is to take back the female body and put down those who blame sexual assault victims and what they choose to wear. It goes all the way to high school dress codes; shoulders are part of the human form, not an invitation for advances from men.

Slut shaming is a thing of the past and Rose was a big part of this. And she's making hella bank so props to her.

Now, for the even more controversial role model: Hillary Clinton. She probably suffered one of the worst attacks from the media in history, often just for what she wore or how she did her hair. DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THE EMAILS THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS.

You have to admit that she is one bad*ss woman. I mean, the first female nominee for President of the U.S.? Who wouldn't look up to her? It's further evidence of woman expanding their power into primarily male-dominated fields. Don't forget that she went from First Lady to serve as our secretary of state. I'd call that a major promotion.

I need guys to read this. I need them to realize that it's not embarrassing to stand up for girls. It's not embarrassing to be a feminist. Shout out to Chris if you made it this far, or any man really, it's impressive. It's 2017 people, it's time we realized what equality really means.

Also, shout out to women who side with the patriarchy and fall for the falsehoods pushed onto you about the feminist movement; you are only hurting yourself. It's really sad to see the oblivion of some populations in our country but I'm glad we have millions of strong women and men on our side.