Another 4 Intriguing Sims 4 Anecdotes

I've been writing a lot of articles about boredom lately, and you know what that means, as promised, I've got more Sims stories. It's amazing what mundane stuff my brain comes up with when desperate for entertainment, but not desperate enough to go out in the hot weather.

1. Meet the Voights!

Jane Niland

Evangeline is known as a cutthroat snob in Bridgeport's business world, although most people know from her very fake bleach blonde hair and borderline skimpy manner of dress that she's mainly there to attract rich men. Despite that, she seems to have a soft spot on her family, since she's been letting her shy, sensitive, and quirky brother, Nathan, stay on her spare Murphy bed as he pursues his dreams as an actor. He'd since landed some small movie roles and became more popular with Eva's rich friends than she was, but she's not too ready to kick him out just yet... Maybe her more "genuine" brother could convince everyone she's not really the snob everyone thinks and worth getting with....

2. TRI

Jane Niland

After seeing the musical SIX in London, I got a little inspired. One of my characters, Lucretia, was also a serial spouse, although she only got married half as many times as Henry VIII and was by far a much better person than him, although, she'd still be song-worthy, so I made a file of her spouses and had them create a band. Long story short: Cassian (The center) was a military officer, and although may appear intimidating, an all around cool guy with a good sense of humor. He and Lucretia met at a party, but he refused to go home with her, knowing her reputation, and instead intended to woo her, which obviously worked. He was unfortunately killed in action later. Aurelius (Left) was a childhood friend (And possibly sweetheart) of Lucretia's, the one she trusted the most. The main reason they didn't get married first was because he was as "charming" as she was and she didn't deem him the marrying type. A few years after Cassian's death, they got married anyway, and had three kids. Unfortunately, after a while, things between them fizzled out and they split, but still remained on good terms. Valentina (Right), was, just to note, a lot younger when Lucretia when they met, but she wasn't your run of the mill mid-life crisis wife. She was strong willed and intelligent, and loved her step-kids. She proved not to be completely mature as she walked out when Lucretia's mental illness got worse, and a lot of childish exchanges happened during the messy divorce. She's pretty villainized within Lucretia's family, although in the years after, she regretted what she'd done and wished she could at least talk to Lucretia again.

3. The Artsy Bachelor Gets.... A Grandkid!

Jane Niland

Continuing Nikolai's saga.... He's been happy with his wife, and they've ended up making two biological children to add to Ophelia, Lavinia and Georgia. Still, it's Ophelia's time to shine now. Ophelia had met this guy Peter, and they hit it off... Very well, since a couple of months into the relationship, she ended up pregnant. Niko was a bit shocked to say the least.... But being that he knew Ophelia had tried to be responsible in the past, and they were pretty well-off, he wasn't too angry. Plus, Peter ended up being super cool about it, offering to move in to help, and eventually marry Ophelia. As soon as it sunk in he was going to be a grandpa, Niko kinda did have a mini-mid-life crisis. His vampirism ensured that he'd look young and handsome for eternity, but still, being a grand-anything can make a person feel old... So he'd been trying to prove he was still young and hip, from hanging out with Georgia, the youngest, a lot, to getting a wardrobe change. Baby Irina (Iri for short) had since arrived and he absolutely adores her, and plans to make sure he's not the "old" grandfather everyone expects.

4. Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Jane Niland

Back in Niko's hometown, as if the amount of niblings (Yes, that's the gender neutral term, we need another word) running around, his parents decided it was a good idea to have another child. Enter the "baby" sister, Serephina. She enjoys pranks and other jokes, despite being a lot tamer than her brother Vee, but still isn't about to let go of childhood games. Plus, despite being a vampire, she's incredibly interested in alchemy, metaphysics, and other mystic arts typically geared towards witches. Still, it's not like she's going to trade her fangs for a wand anytime soon, she still enjoys the extra power at nightfall, mind reading, and probably even the blood.

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