Last Sunday confirmed my worst fears as I watched the Jaguars lose their lead against the New England Patriots and come up four points short in the end.

On February 4, the New England Patriots will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. The Patriots have five SB championships and hold the current title as the defending Super Bowl champion. If the Patriots win, 2018 will be added to the list of championships won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, and 2017.

Although the Eagles won three NFL championships before it was renamed, fans still aren't convinced they will be the winning team. Maybe because, like me, fans-of-anyone-but-the-Patriots are tired of getting their hopes up.

After all, it was just last year when the Atlanta Falcons looked like they would be the winning team of Super Bowl LI until the Patriots took them over in overtime.

After last Sunday's playoff game, many people, including myself, decided to vent our frustrations through Facebook posts and tweets.

It's not that I hate the Patriots, but I am tired of seeing the same team go back to the Superbowl. However, not everyone shares my reasoning.

CNN's Jake Tapper told Brooke Baldwin that, "the Patriots are cheaters." Others chose to blame the NFL's lack of transparency and swear the referees were being paid off.

With everyone pointing their fingers at several possible reasons why the Patriots can't be beaten, it suggests that nobody actually has an answer.

I see how demeaning the Patriots by calling them "patridiots", "replaytriots", and "pay-toilets" can be an easier pill to swallow than acknowledging their talent to win Bowl games.

Nonetheless, the Patriots are headed off to Minneapolis to claim their sixth SB championship and everyone will just have to watch and hope for the best.