Annoying Things Theater Workers Hear
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Annoying Things Theater Workers Hear

Throw something new at us, we get tired of hearing the same things.

Annoying Things Theater Workers Hear
Film Guy

I've been working at a movie theater for a little over two years now, and by now I would like to think that I've heard every weird comment or question you could get in this business. Sadly, I know I'm wrong, but I do get repetitive questions nearly on a daily basis. With the help of some coworkers and slight peer pressure, we put together a short list of things we hate hearing. And yes, this is only a short list.

1. "If we bring our own 3D glasses, do we have to pay for 3D price?"

Yes... You're paying for the effects, not the glasses. But yes, you can bring your own 3D glasses, no problem.

2. "Have you seen (insert movie title here) yet?"

Most likely not. We work here, so we don't want to come and watch a movie on our day off or stay longer than we have to.

3. "You should get (insert concession item here)."

We don't control what items we get, sadly.

4. "But the times in the paper/online said something different."

For newspapers, the dates that the Showtimes are good for are on the ad. For online, most theaters have multiple locations for their chain. Multiple locations means multiple showing times at each location. Please be careful when looking up showtimes online.

5. "Why can't I buy my friend's ticket if I'm 18?"

Every theater has a different policy, but either way, it's not a new rule. It is made clear after every rated R movie trailer "Under 17 not admitted without parent". No ID, no entry. Some theaters might allow you to purchase your friends ticket if you're 18 with an ID, but again it varies depending on the theater's policies. At my movie theater, you have to be 21 or older to purchase the ticket of someone underage/without an ID and you must see the movie with them.

6. "Can I speak to the manager?"

This is only for after having a slight problem, many employees are asked this. And they think to themselves "Okay, but he/she will tell you the same thing." And it's true. Managers typically say verbatim what the employee told the customer to begin with.

7. "Will you be showing (insert movie here) any time soon?"

This is usually asked for movies that have already come out. Typically these movies are limited releases, meaning the bigger theaters get first dibs on the copy. Smaller theaters in small towns most likely will not get them. It's out of our control, but we can request to receive it after it has been released, but again it is not likely.

8. "I don't have my ID, can I still get in to a rated R movie?"

No ID, no entry. We can lose our jobs for letting people in without an ID. It's not worth it for either of us, since you would probably get kicked out anyway.

9. "What theater is it in again? Are you sure?"

Ma'am, please, I've told you twice it's the first theater on the right, down the hallway. Yes. I'm sure. Enjoy your movie.

10. "Wow, that's expensive."

Well we do have to pay our employees, pay our bills, and buy stock. Ticket prices are extremely inexpensive at my theater ($3.50/$5.50) and we still get this. Besides, only 10% of ticket sales go to us. Concession is where we make money. So yes, our prices are going to be higher than at Walmart.

11. "How fresh is the popcorn?"

The popcorn is as fresh as you believe it to be. Just kidding, but really, popcorn is typically only a few minutes out of the kettle, and it is stored in a heated warmer.

12. "Can I get an icee with the combo?"

Combos vary at theaters, but my theater states that only a fountain drink and popcorn in combos. Icees are not fountain drinks. So, the answer is no, sorry.

13. "Where's my drink?"

This is a rude question. It wouldn't be an issue if one were to ask "Did you get my drink?" But most of the time, customers believe they said it out loud, and then rudely ask where the drink they didn't order was. Just be nice. We're people too.

14. "Where are the straws?"

A surprisingly common question. We don't give you straws, they're with the condiments and napkins.

15. "I thought this showing was 3D. Can you make the movie 3D?"

I can't just make a movie 3D just for you. That's not how this works. It's not my fault you made a mistake on the showtimes, okay.

16. "Can you throw this away for me?"

No. You'll be walking by at least 5 trash cans on your way to the movie. You can do it. I promise.

17. "Do you sell pizza/coffee/ice cream?"

Uhm. No. I don't know of any theaters that do this, though I'm imagining only the really big theaters do.

18. "Where can we buy tickets?"

Right here, silly.

19. "I spilled something in there, have fun cleaning it up."

Rude rude rude rude, bye! What kind of person are you to say this? Seriously.

20. "How much is a cup of water? Why is it the same price as a soda?

You're paying for the cup, not the product. I just work here. Take it to someone who can change it, which is not me or anyone in the building.

21. "Do you accept checks?"

No... It's 2016.

22. "I know smoking isn't allowed, but can we vape?"

Vaping is still smoking. No smoking of any type is permitted. If you have to ask, you probably can't do it.

23. "What do you mean no outside food/drinks? There's no sign."

We do not need a sign. It's against policy, health code, and common sense. We also don't need a sign that says "No shoes, no shirt, no service." Because common sense. Don't give me attitude when I'm the one getting your order.

24. "Can we open carry here?"

Living in Texas, this is a common question, and I hate getting it. No no no no no! Why would you ask that at a movie theater? Why??? We all know theater shootings are a very real threat, the last thing we want is to see them out in the open.

25. "Can you bring this in to us?"

We get this question fairly often at the theater. We wouldn't mind bringing you in a product that needs to be cooked for a few minutes if we offered. But asking us is a bit offensive. That's like going to someone's house and asking them to clean up after you. Rude.

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