Moving to college is scary and it is even scarier if you have to live with a complete stranger for a whole year. This is why I roomed with my best friend. Living with someone you have known almost your whole life is both a blessing and a curse. Even though I love living with her and I’m very grateful I could, she’s still really annoying sometimes. Here are a few annoying things that every college roommate may do.

1. Talks to her fish for 25 minutes while you’re trying to catnap between classes

2. Asks you to get her bag because she left it on her desk and she doesn’t want to get up

3. Try to get your attention by throwing things at you

4. Leaves her bag in the middle of the room for you to trip over

5. Makes a mess with whatever medium she is using for an art project

6. Sleeps in your bed while you’re at work because she doesn’t want to climb up to her bunk

7. Makes you get her food from her desk because she doesn’t want to get off her bunk

8. Puts in her headphones when you thought you were having a conversation

9. Takes off her socks in the middle of the night and allows them to fall into your bed

10. Leaves empty and half-drank Gatorade bottles EVERYWHERE!!

11. Leaves you on “read” when you need information ASAP

12. Basically makes you get whatever she needs that she doesn’t have within reach at the moment

13. Asks what the weather will be like when you both have the same, easily accessible app, on your phones

14. Throws food at you until you remember to play her back at Cup Pong

15. She won’t make solid plans and always uses phrases like, “I’ll let you know” and “around five”

16. Uses all your setting spray because she doesn’t want to buy her own

17. Forgets biscuits and gravy in your car when you take it to get worked on and they make your car smell because it sat in a hot car in the July sun for four days

18. Makes fun of you because you can’t tolerate lactose

19. Uses the word “panties” on purpose because she knows it makes you cringe

Even though roommates sound like a nightmare its better than living by yourself because there is someone there to help you when needed, you won’t feel as alone as you would if you came home to an empty room, you save money on housing by splitting costs, and you have someone to share a pizza with.