Anime List for Beginners Looking For Shows To Watch
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Anime List for Beginners Looking For Shows To Watch

Anime, believe it or not, can be for everyone if you choose the right one for you!


I highly recommend not watching long episodes of anime, such as "Naruto," "One Piece," "Fairy Tail," "Bleach," "Inuyasha" and so on because of their length, meaning how many episodes each season is. It can take you out of the greatness of all that is Japanese animation. I would recommend watching certain anime shows whose episode length is between 12 episodes and 24 episodes and to stay away from...semi erotics until ready (meaning those who are of age and courageous enough to take that step).

Below, I'm going to share with you some of my favorites and you can decide for yourself if you want to take the next step!

"Lucky Star"

Genre: Comedy/Slice of Life

Episodes: 24

Lucky Star does not have a storyline, each episode is a collection of events around the four main characters and dealing with their journey as high school students. Also, at the end of each episode, there is another mini anime happening. This anime is for all audience, regardless of the characters being female.

"Nanatsu no Taiza" 

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Episodes: 24

Seasons: Two, going to three

This anime, also know as "The Seven Deadly Sins", is probably the only exception to my long series, You see, it is still ongoing and very quick to watch. This anime has everything: romance, comedy, action, and an interesting plot. While I don't want to be giving a summary in case of spoilers... there is a princess searching the greatest seven warriors or assassins of the kingdom to save well...the kingdom.

"The Devil is Part Timer"

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Comedy

Episodes: 13

This anime, hands down, is about the devil running to the human realm after almost losing a battle and having to learn how to be human. Going to Earth also helps him realize how to conquer Earth. Again, trying my best not to spoil but I promise it's a good anime!

"Soul Eater"

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Comedy

Episodes: 51

Seasons: 2

Soul Eater is a classic. This anime is about weapon masters and weapons working together to become the best. However, witches plan on resurrecting a special someone that should not be around. Of course, there is more than one complication in this anime and thankfully, there are some episodes that are full of humor.

"Shugo Chara"

Episodes: 112

It is a very cute anime that deals with emotions and life goals in a unique way. There is also music, romance, a slice of life and comedy in this anime as well as action.

There are exceptions to my 'avoid' long animes due to the fact that some animes are too good to pass. In all honesty, my number one recommendation is "My Hero Academia." I would recommend "Naruto" but not everyone is capable of passing the first part of "Naruto" before delving into "Naruto Shippuden."

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