Possible Animal Abuse On GVSU Campus Grounds

Possible Animal Abuse On GVSU Campus Grounds

Causing harm should not go unnoticed, and should be investigated.


Like any other morning, I scroll through my Facebook feed before class. I stumbled upon a Snapchat screenshot in which a young college student was holding a dog by its tail, with a disgusting smile on her face. What threw me off was that this was happening on the same campus I am attending school at, Grand Valley State University. Disappointed and shocked, I shared the photo and looked through the comments to see if I could get a backstory, more information, or possibility find out who this girl was. I didn't find anything other than information on who she is, as well as a phone number and student email which is made public to Grand Valley students.

(This picture was taken from Facebook directly)

I own a dog myself, and seeing this, my heart dropped to the floor. That poor animal is being hung upside down by its tail. There are others recording and taking pictures of the act with laughing emojis. There is nothing funny about an animal being tortured, and this is not acceptable behavior. She and everyone else in the photo and scene are representing the university. This also looks as though it was taken on campus grounds, judging by the Snapchat filter, and looks like the layout of one of the campus communities. This should not be allowed or tolerated. I don't care if they were possibly drinking, or were doing this sober, as this is the kind of act that should not happen regardless. Animal abuse is a serious issue, and if they get away with this behavior, then it will only put that dog at risk.

Spread the word about this type of behavior, and let's try to get her reprimanded for her actions. We cannot let abuse go unnoticed, regardless of if it is towards another human, or an animal. This needs to be investigated.

Edit: Grand Valley State University released a statement that Ottawa County Police are taking the case.

Update: Since she released a statement of apology the Ottawa County Police are dropping charges and are not going further with investigation. This should not be thrown under the rug because she said 'sorry' she needs to reprimanded for her actions.

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