On May 22nd 2017, a terrorist(s) killed 22 and injured 59 innocent people in the brutal attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. One of my friends brought it up to me, and I couldn't believe it. My heart started to race, and I started to yell very loudly. These innocent victims were children and parents - one of them being an eight year old girl.

An eight year old girl.

Some evil person purposely targeted an event where there is happiness, joy, and young children seeing their idol perform. No one goes to a concert and thinks, "This is where I die tonight." No parent goes to a concert with their child and thinks, "I'm gonna lose my child tonight." My heart broke, my head hurt, and my heart immediately went out to Ariana. I have seen so many negative comments on how her choice of clothing was too revealing or how her music sucks. A tragic thing happens in this world, again, and people of course will blame someone who had nothing to do with it.

Ariana Grande released a statement saying she was "so sorry", and she has nothing to be sorry for. She didn't murder innocent victims; this poor girl is gonna be reliving this moment for a very long time. I love who she is a person. She is one of those artists that adores her fans. She is someone that shows love.

You know something? Those terrorists hate love. They abuse and corrupt young children to make them believe a lie - to make them believe that, if they do something horrible, there will be a place for them in Heaven. In actuality, there is a lovely spot for them in Hell, a very lovely and very torturous spot for them there. They want us to be afraid of them, to cower and live in fear. Every person who has committed the act of terrorism in this world wants us to be afraid. So I'm angry. I'm angry but I'm not afraid. We can't give them what they want.

Look in the eyes of the devil. He's afraid of love and joy. He's afraid of hope.

Show them all of the hope that's out there in this world, because they will fucking lose.