And I Shifted

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Well, summer is whispering 'goodbye,' and I wanted to focus on my favorite topic during this time: change. What 'change' is for you is different for someone else. I have written on this particular subject many times within my works, but it is one that's good to remind ourselves (even me!) of when we need it the most. Within this week's poem, I focus on inner change and how this can affect our perspective. I hope that this piece gives you a sense of accomplishment on what you can control for yourself. May positive change find you in this seasonal transition!

There's a sense of change

Not like the weather from warm to cold

Not like the rain that waters the flowers,

One bloom left within them

It is a change that happens within

There is a sense of something

It is hard to describe

And, some days,

Even harder to maintain

But it was change

She was molding into something more

A sense of transformation

That she could be proud of

It wasn't for anyone to understand

In life, she knew

That there were points of recognition

That there was more to learn

So, she saw within herself

A world of optimal shift

A choice to go with it or against it

Then, she remembers the time

She fiercely fought against having anything different

It scared her

She seemed panicked at the idea

Reclined to solitude in her reluctance

This time, it was not the same as before

She wouldn't make it like before

Fighting for wholeness in herself

Was worth more than a thousand autumns

And the longest winter

A magic inside of her being swirled

In tactile tendrils, making the warmness appear

In her cheeks

In her skin

In herself

Many times before, it seemed impossible

She took on more than what she could manage

And in that, she doused her own flame

But like the leaves in autumn's shining moment away from summer

She prevailed in all of her vivid colors

No one could tell her when or how

She knew

Then, whispered, like the changing seasons,

"And I shifted."

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