The Anatomy of a Post-Finals Crash

Finals can be a stressful time of year. You're on your guard, up 24/7 writing papers or studying whatever you might forget on the next test, then all the sudden it's over. But sometimes, the transition isn't always that smooth.

1. First, you're up.


You're running on caffeine, sugar, or whatever it is that keeps you awake, that's none of my business. The point is you're up, you're ready for anything, you're ready for work.

2. Then... You take your last final.


Okay, you've dumped all that knowledge onto that test... Or paper, and hope for an A... Or B. Or C... They still get degrees. It's done. You have nothing to do. You should feel relaxed, right? Right?

3. You start nodding off...


How wrong you are. Let's hope you're not driving because you can't keep your eyes open. Maybe you're having a home-cooked or otherwise decent meal for the first time, but you can't bring yourself to eat it because you're just so devoid of energy. Maybe you pulled one too many all nighters, or maybe you took one more espresso shot than usual and it's taking it's toll.

4. Going, going, gone.


All that drowsiness must lead to one thing... Sleep, whether you like it or not. Soon enough, you won't be able to take it anymore, and you need to get to bed. Or you'll pass out on the plane, train, the car in which you're bring driven home, the couch... What does it matter when you feel like sleeping for a hundred years?

At least it's still socially acceptable to sleep until 3 if you really need to. It's winter break, right? Sleep to your heart's content!

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