Analyzing and Understanding Jollibee Marketing Strategy
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Analyzing and Understanding Jollibee Marketing Strategy


If you run a small business, content marketing is a foolproof technique you need to consider to grow your potential prospects' base and boost your brand's name.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy like the Jollibee marketing strategy refers to creating online materials that drive massive traffic to your website.

Several types of content like whitepapers, infographics, blogs, and landing pages attract people to show interest in your products and services.

Do you know the impact of content marketing strategy on your business?

In this article, professional marketers have broken down why business people need to focus on content marketing strategy.

Why do you need to do content marketing for your small business?

Writing impeccable content enables you to become a renowned leader in your marketplace. Furthermore, it increases your company's recognition and builds customer trust.

Also, content marketing enables you to determine your potential prospects' pain points and speak about how your products overcome their challenges. Therefore, this leads directly to driving sales.

Another fantastic benefit of content marketing is any supreme content you craft. This refers to the assets that you become updated.

Additionally, when you develop assets that can be used across many platforms and marketing campaigns, you can find content writing benefits.

For example, if you craft a blog post about the pain points of a specific community, you can then make a YouTube channel and use the video in your post. Then you can share that post or video on social media.

Accordingly, it saves your time and money along with strengthening you in your marketplace.

Achieve perfection in small business content marketing – 7 crucial steps to remember

Now, let's dive directly into the seven killer steps in order to build a successful small business.

  1. Develop a blog

Blogging is an impressive way to market your products and services while simultaneously establishing your brand in the marketplace.

With 50 blog posts on your website, you can generate up to 30% more traffic. Doesn't that sound strange?

In addition to providing traffic, blogging can help you:

  • To increase your SEO ranking
  • To provide increased value to your clients
  • To drive leads and maximize your conversion likelihood
  1. Show your social media presence on the platforms your targeted audience uses

If you are selling a product or service, you are most likely to have social media accounts.

Do you think being present on social media works for you?

Absolutely not!

So, you have to remain active on social media platforms for your audience.

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How do you come to know which social media platform is the best for you?

Before posting content anywhere, you should determine who your targeted audience is. On social media, you do not need to post for everyone. Instead, you must speak to a specific set of audiences with particular interests. After you have determined who your potential customers are, you should identify how to approach them.

Fortunately, there are multiple strategies to discover where your targeted audience is active.

First, you need to collect all existing consumer data to examine where they are consuming their online time.

Analyze your competitors' social media profiles to determine where they approach their active users.

You can use Google Analytics to identify the online behavior of the consumers.

These three steps enable you to determine where your targeted audience remains active. Thus, you can start delivering content to them on those platforms.

  1. Use email newsletter

An email newsletter is a tailor-made way for small businesses to dive into the world of marketing. This is an excellent way to keep readers active to read your new product details, upcoming events, marketplace news, and other prominent events.


To add more, email newsletters can help you in the following ways:

  • Establish goodwill with your targeted readers
  • Drive more sales
  • Maximize client value
  1. Write well-crafted content to correspond to the customer sales funnel

Discovering the explicit consent to relate your consumer's requirements is a fruitful method to persuading them to make a purchase.

With an actual consumer sales funnel and top-quality content strategy, you can quickly identify which stage your customers occupy and provide them with content that communicates with them.

Do you have a basic idea about the marketing funnel?

Well, a marketing funnel allows you to reach the conversion phase. The procedure includes every single thing, from introducing your product to the conversion step.

A great marketing funnel has four pivotal steps:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Prompt action
  1. Develop a content calendar

To provide the consumers with the content they need, you should systematically deliver their content.

Rather than haphazardly crafting content, it would be best to build a monthly calendar that includes blog posts, social media posts, and any other type of content you want to create in that month.

This is the reason this strategy keeps you organized. Moreover, your readers will get comfortable with a proper schedule of your content.

  1. Deploy different content strategies

In competitive marketing, it is very significant to stand your brand out from others. One most acceptable way to set your business on the right track is by creating a robust content marketing strategy.

For this, you have to analyze your present content along with your competitors deeply'. Find out what resonates with your targeted audience and what is not practical.

Once you have developed potency, it's the best time to apply this in your upcoming content.

Avoid getting yourself limited by what already exists. It will help you when you take a new blog post and fine-tune it into an infographic.

Likewise, you can take that infographic and convert it into a whitepaper.

  1. Add customers' reviews

Almost all the local consumers prefer to read online reviews to avail themselves of the local services. These reviews provide oxygen to your blog and website.


By referring to the best quotes and crediting your customer's face, you can make that review matchless.

So, what is the unmatched strategy you have experienced for your small business content marketing?

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