It was a typical summer day for me. I woke up this morning, had some breakfast, and took a shower. The hot, summer sun was beaming down on my backyard at around 12 P.M.

I sat outside tanning, listening to music, and socializing with my friend. I laughed, I smiled, I was perfectly content.

Hours went by, it was time to get ready for work. I showered, got dressed, and ate an amazing home-cooked meal my mom had prepared.

Off to work I go. The night dragged on, and I could not wait to lay down in bed and eat a second dinner when I got home.

After closing the store, I decided I wanted a 4 for $4 at Wendy's for my second dinner. I never thought I would be faced with an unexpected situation tonight.

Her watery, doleful eyes caught my attention when I approached the drive-through window. When I looked beyond my car windshield, I was surprised to see 4 young children sitting on the curb. A newborn was being watched by 3 young children.

My face had a puzzled expression, I was unsure of the situation, and I did not even know who the children belonged to. But one thing was for sure, I would never forget the look in this woman's eyes.

I could almost feel the sadness and pain in my own.

She told me my total and then began to cry and ask if I had any extra change for her children to eat because she was unable to find a babysitter and she had to work double shifts with different jobs. McDonald's 10-4 Wendy's from 5-12, and the Wendy's inside closed at 10 P.M. Her children we unable to sit in the closed restaurant.

She expressed that she is unable to work at many jobs due to her past, but she is trying her hardest to feed her children every night.

Now, I know a lot of people in this world may disagree and say that people could be lying or she could've gotten into this mess herself. However, I could not walk away doing nothing.

I told her to add three more 4 for $4 orders for her children and I gave her $20 to put in her pocket.

No matter what the circumstance was, I had a special space in my heart for these children. This newborn was on a curb outside of Wendy's being watched by young children. All starving, all tired, all sad.

Their mother was occasionally trying to peep her head out of the drive-through window just to check on them. Anything could happen to them. They were unable to sit in the car unattended.

I know $20 and buying them Wendy's may not change their entire situation, but in 30 seconds of handing these children food, their frowns turned totally upside down. It was mind-blowing.

Those watery, doleful eyes caught my attention across the parking lot as I headed back home.

My heart felt full, I felt the sincerity.

I do hope that woman safely got her children home wherever that may be. I was feeling content knowing their stomachs were full for at least tonight.

If there is one thing I want everyone reading this to take away, is the unexpected events you may face at the most random times of your life.

I do believe I made the best decision to help this family out without knowing much about their situation. I could not drive away in silence after those watery, doleful eyes pierced my heart.

I hope this family goes to sleep under one roof and this mother hugs her children tight. She deserves to close her eyes in peace tonight.

Thank you God. My life is blessed.