An Open Letter To Trevone Boykin

Hey Trevone,

I want to start this out by saying that we love you. You’re a Horned Frog for life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. Sure, you didn't play in the Alamo Bowl, but you had an amazing season. Being nominated for the Heisman is an honor that many players will never accomplish. Not to mention that you played for one of the best Big 12 teams, and acted as a picture of sportsmanship for many. In summary, you’re a great athlete and an altogether wonderful person.

But here’s the thing.

Because we love you, us Horned Frogs have to hold you accountable. There will be many who blindly support you in everything you do, and there will be many who abandon you and write you off. I’m here to do neither. Besides, that’s not my job, and it isn’t the job of your many fans. We support you wholeheartedly, but along with support comes the understanding that you’re human and you make mistakes.

You made a mistake, and there’s no need to rehash that. I’m not here to excuse that, but I am going to shed a different perspective on any of those who are reading.

All season you’ve been seen as the savior. The Jesus of our team. I’m sure that’s been one hell of a ride, being recognized as somebody everywhere you go, and week after week leading your team to victory. But being Boyking comes with the weight of your kingdom on your back. I’ll admit, even after hearing the news myself, I thought “Oh man, we’re screwed," but who of us didn’t? We’ve put so much pressure on one single person to be perfect that the idea of that person making a human mistake sends us off the deep end. Had it have been anyone else, would it have been such a big deal?

I’m not excusing what you did, don’t get me wrong. You know that you made a mistake and I wholeheartedly believe you will own up to that. However, don’t let the pressures of all these people around you dictate your life. They think because they know your stats, they can judge you. But it’s your choice to make whether they can or not.

As for my fellow Horned Frogs everywhere reading this, love the sinner, hate the sin. Sure, Trevone messed up, but messing up is bad enough without thousands of eyes on you. In a world where athletes’ misconduct is so often excused, have faith that the humble kid from Mesquite, Texas is still in there.

Keep in mind the words of the Alma Mater.

Memories Sweet, Comrades True,

Light of Faith, Follow Through, Praise to Thee, TCU.


A Fellow Horned Frog.

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