Dear Victims of Hurricane Harvey,

Let me start by saying how incredibly sorrowful I am for what you are all having to go through. I am praying for you every day, and I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. No one deserves a tragedy such as this, and I am truly sorry that y'all are having to go through something so terrible.

I know there has been a lot of negativity on social media about the victims of Harvey that left their pets behind. No one can truly judge you from the outside looking in since they have no right to judge, and they are also not experiencing the tragedy that you all are experiencing. I completely understand that some of you felt as if you would have less of a chance in finding shelter for you and your families if you have pets. I totally understand that you put your families, and especially children, before your pets.

However, with that being said, I do believe that even in tragedy, our pets are still our responsibility. They depend on us. Domesticated animals are not meant to be thrown into the "wild" and survive on their own. Sure, they do still have some of their instincts but that is not enough to rely on for their survival. When you get a pet, you are making a commitment. You are saying that you will be their provider and protector until they are no longer in your care.

I know in times of danger and tragedy it is hard to think about your pets. That is probably the last thing on your mind... but it shouldn't be. If you don't want the responsibility, then it is as simple as not getting a pet.

The images of animals tied to trees and structures, left to drown in the storm, made me incredibly sad. Being a college student I can't, but I seriously wanted to drive to Texas and save them all so those animals would never have to feel unwanted ever again. I can not even imagine what went through their heads as their own owners left them to die.

I have never experienced true tragedy in my life thankfully, but even in times like that I don't believe I could leave my pets behind and live with myself. They are family to me, my babies.

So please, even in the worst of times, give your pets some thought. Please don't leave them behind. If you don't feel as if you can take care of them, get them to an organization that can.

For those of you who are taking care of not only your animals, but also rescuing the ones left behind, you are true heroes. Thank you so much for taking up for the little guys that depend on us humans.

All in all, it is a terrible thing that has happened to Texas. I pray for you every day and I encourage anyone that can to help in any way that they can. Also, a little disclaimer, I am in no way saying that the lives of pets are more important than the lives of people. I just feel as if sometimes when tragedy strikes, people are the only ones that get thought of. Sometimes our animals get overlooked, and I believe that they deserve a voice.

Prayers sent and God Bless.