To The Person Who Stole My Light And Left Me

As I lay here with my eyes swollen, my pillow damp, and my blanket clutched tightly around me, I think of you. My mind is flooded by how you have made me feel. Your words, your actions, your perspective manifest within me. You have changed me and turned me into someone I do not recognize. You captured my sparkle to shine more light on yourself. I feel painfully dull, I feel this way because you insisted your light was more important than mine.

I loved you so I did not mind electrifying you, but now that you're gone and so is my shine.

You never hit me but nonetheless, I feel shattered. It's like you accidentally dropped me, but rather than putting me back together you just threw me away.

Your words were hurtful, but your neglect inflicted the most pain upon me. I loved your love, I even loved your hate, as long as I was part of your light. As my light dimmed and yours brightened, I began to question the importance of my light.

You planted a seed of doubt within me that flourished with your neglect. With every ignored call, opened message and canceled plan, the seed within me thrived.

As it began to grow, my confidence began to shrink. My self-image was covered by the overgrowth. With my light dull, my heart shattered, and my seed of doubt consuming me, my family came to pick up the pieces of me. With their words, they brightened my light. With their love, they mended my heart. With their time they destroyed the seed. You may have your light, but in that light, you will stand alone. Once you consume the light of all those around you, you have no one to brighten once you become dim.

You can keep your light and I will learn to make my own. I will find someone who shines alongside me without consuming my electricity. I rather light the world with the help of others than stand alone in the darkness of those I have dimmed.

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