As Summer approaches...

The temperature is increasing, and the amount of clothing being worn is decreasing.

To the people who battle with negative body image,

The idea of having to wear less clothing in order to avoid having a heat stroke can be anxiety-ridding and dreadful.

It can be instinctive to want to wear full length pants and shirts because we want to hide our bodies that we are self-conscious of; even if that means suffering through the heat of summer.

Spending time in a swimsuit as a "fun" activity can be more like a hellish chore.

Many of us probably wish we could stay inside and let the heat pass-by until it's Fall again when being covered up head-to-toe becomes the norm.

I'm not naive enough to try and preach, "Just be comfortable in your own skin" or "Stop comparing yourself to other people" because I know that is much easier said than done.

What I will say is...

Remember you are enough and beautiful just as you already are– even if you don't believe it.

Remember that no matter what physical goals you may or may not have for yourself, we are all works in progress, and it's important to appreciate ourselves every step of the way.

Remind yourself that you are dressing for yourself, not anyone else.

I know it's hell constantly worrying about what your body looks like in the eyes of others.

And I know constantly checking your reflection in mirrors that you pass-by to get a glimpse of what your side-profile looks like or looking down to see how much your thighs move as you walk are habits that are hard to break.

But remember...

It's normal for our bodies to move as we walk.

It's normal for our bodies to have cellulite, stretch marks, and imperfections.

Take each summer day one day at a time.

Wear whatever you feel happy and comfortable in.

Go on a shopping spree and buy clothing that you feel flatter your body shape and compliment your personality.

Most people you will interact with won't actually be judging you for how your body looks– and if they do, they have a much bigger issue–an ugly personality.

Social media consists of edited, filtered, and perfectly posed pictures that only display unrealistic realities and are glimpses of what people want us to see.

Confidence is what radiates and is what attracts people.

Remind yourself of your attributions that make you who you are and things you value about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance.

Summer is going to be hard for us– you can't just wish body image issues away, overcoming and seeing past them is hard work.

However, use the summertime as a chance to do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable and happy with yourself.

Please don't spend the summer hoping, wishing, and beating yourself up because you wish you could look like or be someone else.

Break down if you need to, but don't skip out on the ice cream runs, vacations, pool days, and other adventures because of insecurities, I promise you will regret doing so.

Summer is an obstacle, but I promise we will get through it.

With love,

A Girl Who Struggles Too