Hey Coach,

You may never realize the impact you had on me, but I will never forget you. You are one of the main reasons I continued to play until I could not. I would play an entire game because I never wanted to stop playing for you. You taught me so much about the game that I love, but most importantly, you taught me so much about life and how to live it.

The running and the workouts were all part of making me the player I am today. I learned stamina, footwork and placement that would help me better excel at my position. I will always thank you for making me the player I am today.

Although, as you probably know, the workouts, drills and scrimmages are not the difficult parts of coaching a team. The emotional and mental aspect of sports are always challenging. You always were able to help us get out of our own heads and back on the field. You taught us to how to handle our frustrations and put it all into our playing.

Going through my many years of playing soccer, I realized that you never gave up on us as a team or individually. You always made us a priority in your life, and we did the same because we loved you so much as our coach. You always (and from what I have seen, will always) have our back on everything even though you do not have to. You stuck by us when we were struggling with family problems, school problems and emotional problems. For some, you were the biggest support system, and that is something that makes me so proud to have called you my coach.

You helped me realize one of the most important pieces of life. Happiness does not come from the wins or trophies. Having fun and being able to express yourself freely is what makes a person happy. I realized that a team does not have to be good to be happy, but almost always they will perform better when they feel happy. I have never been so positive in a season before, and I have never bonded closer with a group of girls that I was lucky enough to call my teammates. We always had so much fun.

It is not until I am no longer playing this sport that I realized how much I owe some of my ways of thinking and positivity to you. You changed me as a player with how you were able to improve my skills and make me work harder, but you also changed me as a person. That is one part of high school I will never forget. The incredible season I had with you as my coach is something I will cherish forever. I always will take those memories and those learning experiences with me.

I do miss the team, and I do miss the sport we all loved together. It's weird to think that part of my life is over, but like I said, I will always have those memories. I can only imagine the impact you are having on others.

This is my letter to thank you for what you have done for me. So thank you. I can never truly make it up to you for everything you have done for me, but thank you. I am grateful for you, always.


A former soccer player