Dear little friends,

You make my Thursday mornings happy. I'm thankful to have met each and every one of you. Getting to be your volunteer is a blessing.

As a freshman in college, I knew that I wanted to make connections in my community, but didn't know how to do that. However, after a few weeks of being in the classroom and working with you, I knew that it was meant to be.

In the past year (and few months), you have taught me more than I will ever teach you. This is true. You've shown me how to appreciate the smallest moments in daily life. At recess when you pick flowers and give them to me or your teachers, you demonstrate kindness. You show me the beauty of friendship when you take your classmate's hand to hold as you both skip down the hallway. I see your wonder and curiosity as you pick out different shapes, colors, and animals during your lessons. You are eager to learn new things. It's fun to watch the light bulb go off in your head when you know the correct answer. Seeing you smile when you receive a "Way To Go!" from your teachers fills me with the greatest joy.

Because of you, I get to relive my childhood on a weekly basis. From reading the crowd favorite of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," to making colorful Play-Doh creations, I instantly experience nostalgia. Your laughter is contagious and sweet music to my ears. Through playtime, you get to learn the life lessons of sharing and compromising. You might not understand those concepts now, but you'll come to know them better later on.

Your adventurous souls encourage me to leave my comfort zone. The way you dance like no one is watching is beautiful. I wish I can be brave like you.

Being two years old is difficult. Some mornings all you want to do is cry or have a tantrum, and sometimes we have bad days. After letting it all out, remember to get back up and try again.

I admire your steadfast courage in the dark times that have surrounded you. You have only lived a little over two years on this earth but have experienced unfortunate amounts of negativity. It makes me upset to think about your pasts. I hate that you have had to go through confusion, disorder, and uncertainty. There have been people in your life that have hurt you or maybe left you scared. I pray that those people can learn from their actions and that you can forgive them once you become older.

You amaze me as I watch you continue to grow each day. Though you are little right now, you are the perfect examples of resilience. Your journey has been a tough one, but you are finding healing and strength. That is something to be proud of.

Because of you, I have been reminded of the fact that every child deserves a loving and nurturing family to be a part of. Because of you, I have seen the beauty of adoption and have realized that it's a possibility for when I have a family of my own one day.

Little friend, you are oh so loved by many. Never ever doubt that.

I'm excited about your future and I wish the absolute best for you. Even after you travel on from the classroom, know that each of you holds a special place in my heart.

You'll go far.

Much love,

Miss Hannah