An Open Letter to President Obama As He Nears the End of His Presidency

Dear President Obama,

I still honestly can't believe this is your last year as the leader of our country. Where did the eight years go?

You have shown us great leadership through these eight years in the great and tough times. Not only did you demonstrate great leadership, but also is a voice of the racial injustices in the country. You might not hear this a lot because all you ever hear on the news are all the negative things said about you but thank you.

Thank you affirmation of same-sex marriage rights for the country. You have given people the right to marry whoever their hearts desire regardless of their gender. Even though there is still so much more we need to accomplish as a country you have created a pathway where we can sure accomplish anything with love and hope.

Thank you for giving millions of children who were brought to the United to States when they were younger the ability to come out of shadows. Thanks to you have given thousands of young people the possibilities to go to school, get a driver's license and even a job. Not only that but thank you for fighting hard and strong for the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country even when things do not turn out the way you might plan.

Thank you for standing with us strong in the most tragic times in our country. Your words and actions to pushing for gun control have given the country a hope for a safer tomorrow. Even in our tough times like Sandy Hook, San Bernardino , Orlando and much more.

Thank you for sharing your eight years and family with this country. Your undeniable love for your family and country has served a great example for the future generations to come. You have truly opened so many boundaries, walls, and doors for future generations.

There are more things I can name of all the accomplishments of what you have done for this country since the time of your presidency but it would be way too long.

In the simplest of words and in bottom of my heart I would just like to say:

Thank you, Mr. President.

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