An Open Letter To My Small Gang Of Friends

An Open Letter To My Small Gang Of Friends

A thousand "thank you"s wouldn't be enough.

Dear small gang of friends,

Some of you have been around longer than I've known the alphabet and then some of you only more recently entered my life. I am thankful for every single one of you, though.

Whether it be a late night phone call following my break down during finals, study sessions for anatomy with an appropriately labeled picture of Channing Tatum as a study guide, shenanigans of any kind, messy Twister, or drives with Taylor Swift up so loud it drowned out our worries, it was you who kept me sane. Through high school and even when college separated us, it was you that motivated me to keep moving forward.

When life was complicated, I could say, "At least I have my small gang of friends." We made memories I will never forget, like the movie nights we spent laughing at each others' dumb commentary or the abandoned buildings we explored. Those times meant more to me than a simple get together. They were moments when I realized how I am surrounded by amazing people.

Each of you has a lot of love in your heart. I know because it takes a lot of love to handle someone like me. Each of you has been so loyal. I know because I never doubted our friendship for a moment. Each of you is so unique and getting to watch your lives unfold is such a blessing. I love seeing God work through each of your strengths and weaknesses to transform you into something breathtakingly beautiful. Getting to see how your life unfolds brings me great joy.

I want you to know I consider it a great privilege to be a small part of your life.

With all my heart,

your favorite 5'5" strawberry blonde

P.S.- Jessica, Charis, Thomas, Sam, Blake, Sarah Catherine, Katy, and Dustin if you're reading this, thank you.

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