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An Open Letter to My Residents

RA life isn't all that bad, when you have great residents.

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When I put in my application to be a RA last year, I really did not know what to expect. Probably a lot of drunk kids running around, and of course the offer of free room and board was just oh so tempting. But what did I really think about other than making door tags and creating floor programs? I'm not so sure I have an answer, but I do know it was certainly not that I would love every minute of it. So here is a little letter to my residents:

Dear residents,

Hi ladies. Some of you I met the first day, as I wandered from room to room checking to make sure you and your parents were satisfied, or at least you were, with your living accommodations. Some of you I met a week prior because you were a part of Le Moyne College's Explore program. Let me just say it has been a pleasure meeting each of you.

I know some of you may only see me a few times a week, because of our different schedules. Never be afraid to stop by and say, "Hi" or even ask to grab coffee, if you need just a little one-on-one sesh, without awkwardness to rant about life. I'm here to listen. I know some of you, perhaps a little too much, because we are very active members of the performing arts community at Le Moyne. I know some of you are new to the building, after switching rooms from a prior situation that simply did not work out. But I want you all to know that I am thankful for all of you.

Living on an all-girls floor is kind of like we are our own little sorority. We know everyone. We take care of everyone. We make sure we are always safe. We always try to be friendly, when we walk in the bathroom or the laundry room. Our living arrangement is not something easily found on most college campuses. Granted, this could be because we are a small, Jesuit institution, but still, it's certainly not something to take for granted.

Those of you who can, do come to my floor programs and try to make the best of it, even if it is a little cheesy. Thank you! Most residents have no idea how strenuous and sometimes complicated the process can be for arranging something as simple as a morning breakfast.

*Slight PSA: I'm having one Oct. 28th and another Oct. 29th both of which are sure to be fun, and I mean there will be food and chances to win gift cards, so why wouldn't you want to come?)

So consider this as just a little thank you note, for making my first few months as a RA so great! You girls have not caused too much trouble and have been very respectful to myself and my co RA.

I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings!

Go Phins!


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